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Sikorsky S-69
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     Primary Function:
     Rotor Diameter:
     Max. Weight:
     Max. Level Speed:
     7 Degree Dive:
     Climb Rate:
     First Flight:
P&W Turboshaft
1,728 hp
P&W Turbojet
2 x 3,300 lbs. ea.
41' 4"
12' 11"
36' 0"
12,500 lbs.
276 mph
302.5 mph
5,000 fpm
25,500 feet
n/a miles
3/77 with jets

The Sikorsky S-69 was a rotorcraft that used its counter rotating rotors primarily for lift. Power for forward flight came from a pair of turbojets mounted on each side of the helicopter.

The aircraft first flew as a pure helicopter in 1973 where its top speed was about 184 mph. In March of 1977 testing began using jet power. Testing ended in 1981 after the rotorcraft unofficially reached a speed of 302.5 mph in a dive.

The S-69 handled well and was extremely maneuverable. However, high speed vibration problems were never solved.

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