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RC Cessna 180
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    Primary Function:
    Weight Empty:
    Max. Weight:
    Cruise Speed:
    Max. Cruise:
    Initial Climb:
    First Flight:
    Year Deployed:
1 pilot +5 passengers
225 hp.
25' 9"
35' 1 "
1,540 lbs.
2,550 lbs.
55 gallons
158 mph
166 mph
1,100 fpm
21,200 feet
590 miles

RC Cessna 180 from Watt-Age.

The rc Cessna 180 from Watt-Age comes ready to fly with everything you need to get it from the box to the flying field, including radio. It has a 24 1/2" wingspan is 17" long and controls are for the throttle, elevator, and rudder.

The Cessna 180, sometimes called the Skywagon, was the result of the progression of the Cessna line of single engine, high wing, four to six seat tail dragger utility aircraft. It was larger and more powerful than its predecessor. The aircraft had a long production run of some 28 years and quite a few are still flying today.

RC Cessna 180 from Herr Engineering.

Herr's rc Cessna 180 is made from balsa and light ply. Its wingspan is 43 1/2" and length is 30". You can power it with from .049 to .061 engines. It should weigh around 22 oz ready to fly.

RC Cessna 180 from Kyosho.

The rc Cessna 180 from Kyosho is 37" long, has a wingspan of 51 1/2" and comes with a 500 size electric motor. Weight is about 3 lbs.

Mock's Cessna 180

Perhaps the most famous Cessna 180 is the one flown by Geraldine Mock that now resides at Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. On April 18, 1964 she completed the first aerial global solo circumnavigation by a woman in the aircraft.

A total of 6,193 Cessna 180 aircraft were produced.

RC Cessna 180 from NitroPlanes

NitroPlanes rc Cessna 180 has a 55 1/2" wingspan and length of 40 1/2".  It is a foamy available as a kit, ARF, or RTF.  Weight is around 2 1/2 lbs.

RC Cessna 180 built by Dick Say

Dick Say built the nice looking rc Cessna 180 pictured immediately above. It has a 42" wingspan and uses aileron, elevator and throttle controls. Power is by a Speed 400 type motor and weight is about 35 oz.

Uncle Willie's has plans for the rc Cessna 180 from Hobby Helpers. Wingspan is 41", and length is 28". A 0.49 engine is the recommended power.

We found several examples of the rc Cessna 180 converted from Guillow's rubber FF kits. Wingspan is 20".

Check out Hip Pocket Aeronautics for 42" wingspan plans of the rc Cessna 180.

Mountain Models has the rc Cessna 180. It is of all wood construction with a wingspan of 35" and length of 26". Power can come from a Speed 400 type motor and weight is only 9 oz.

The rc Cessna 180 from Amax comes ready to fly, including radio. It has a 50" wingspan and is 36" long. The motor is a Speed 540 type.

Huayu's rc Cessna 180 comes almost ready to fly. Included is a 550 size motor. Wingspan is 51" and length is 36 1/2". Weight is about 42 oz.

We found a rc Cessna 180 on eBay as a kit from Sterling. Its of all wood construction with a wingspan of 45" and length of 30". Engines can be from .09 to .35.

The rc Cessna 180 from Guan Li features a wingspan of 51 1/2". It comes as RTF with a length of 37". Included is a Speed 540 motor geared 3:1, and everything you need to fly, including radio.

Shantou Trading Co. has a rc Cessna 180 that is a foamy suitable as a park flyer. It comes RTF and has only a 21" wingspan.

Shenzhen E-Do's rc Cessna 180 comes as a kit, ARF, or RTF. Its wingspan is 59" and it is 47" long. Optional floats and flaps are provided. Weight of the airplane alone is around 3 1/2 lbs.

Skymaster's rc Cessna 180 is completely ready to fly including a 1530 kV motor, flight battery, controller, and radio. Its wingspan is 38 1/2" and length is 34". Weight is about 20 oz.

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