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The United States Air Force Thunderbirds demonstrate their supersonic jet aircraft through a show comprised of a series of intricate maneuvers. The exhibit of their aircraft roaring overhead has been said to increase service enlistment while enhancing the image of the USAF.

The team personnel are made up of eight pilots, four support officers, three civilians and over 130 enlisted personnel.

Thunderbirds aircraft are currently comprised of six General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcons.  For more information about them click here.

A show typically lasts over one hour. In it the team performs around thirty maneuvers.

The Thunderbirds, based at Nellis Air Force Base, NV, was originated in 1953 and are still going strong to date.

RC Thunderbird from NitroPlanes.

The picture immediately above is of the rc Thunderbird from NitroPlans. The ARF has a wingspan of 41" and a length of 42". You will need a 600 to 800 watt pusher prop motor to power the 3 1/2 lb. rc airplane.

Aviation Design has a rc Thunderbird. Wingspan is 58" and length is 87". The recommended engines are AMT Mercury Pegasus, Jet Cat P- 120, and Sunjet 3000.

The first picture below is of the rc Thunderbird from E-Flite. It has a 28" wingspan and a 35 1/2" length. It comes with a motor and EDF unit.

In the second picture below is the rc Thunderbird from HET-RC. Wingspan of the ARF is 25" and length is 39". Recommended motors are Typhoon 2W, 3W or 2W-20 driving either a We Mo Tec Mini Fan 480 or HTE-RC 6904 fan units.

The last picture below is of the Skymaster Jet rc Thunderbird. Wingspan is 51" and length is 74". It will weight from 16 to 18 lbs. and can be powered by a Jet Cat P-60 turbine.

Cermark has two rc Thunderbird. Their tractor prop rc airplane has a wing span of 48" and a length of 65". You can put two stroke engines from .61 to .91 in size in the nose of the RC Airplane. All up weight will be about 9 lbs.

The turbine powered Cermark rc Thunderbird has a wingspan of 50" and a length of 73". It can be powered by 11 to 17 lb. thrust turbines. All up weight should be around 16 1/2 lbs.

Philip Avonds has a rc Thunderbird. The wingspan is 53" and length is 83". Recommended power are 12 to 30 lb. thrust turbines. All up weight is 20 lbs.

RC Thunderbird from E-flite.

RC Thunderbird from HET-RC.

RC Thunderbird from SkymasterJet.

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