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    Primary Function:
    Weight Empty:
    Max. Weight:
    Cruise Speed:
    Max. Speed:
    Climb Rate:
    First Flight:
    Year Deployed:
air superiority
2- 27,600 lbs ea.
48' 3"
36,104 lbs.
62,398 lbs.
1- 30 mm
10 air-to-air
838 mph
1,553 mph
64,198 fpm
60,712 feet
2,422 miles

The Su-27, produced by Sukhoi and known as the Flanker, development came about in response to the need for Russia to meet the advances in technology of U.S. aircraft.

The Su-27prototype first flew in 1977 with production aircraft deployed with the Russian Air Force in the mid 1980's.

The Su-27 employs extensive use of titanium in its fuselage to keep weight down. The fuselage acts as a lifting body. This enables wide separation between the aircraft's two engines, improving intake airflow, and safety should one engine become disabled.

Su-27 aircraft are definitely a fighter pilot's aircraft, with an abundance of power and relatively light wing loading. These qualities make for a fast accelerating, highly maneuverable aircraft. It was the first aircraft to perform the cobra maneuver.

The newest versions of the Su-27 incorporate thrust vectoring engines and canards which further enhance their maneuverability. These aircraft, equipped with the latest radars and weapons systems, are among the most capable aircraft in the world.

In addition to Russia, Su-27 aircraft are used in the Angolian, Belarussian, Chinese, Ethiopian, Indian, Indonesian, Kazakhstani, Syrian, Vietnamese, Ukranianean, and Uzbekistani air forces.

NitroPlanes rc Su-27.

The airplane pictured above is the rc Su-27 from NitroPlanes. It comes ready to fly including radio. Wingspan is 31", length is 43". Powering it are a pair of B2105-31S motors turning 64 mm fans.  Total weight, ready to fly, is around 28 oz.

In the first picture below is the rc Su-27 kit from Voster. The wingspan is 56" and the length is 65". It is powered by an OS 91 FX motor in the nose.

In the next picture below is of Emile Van Essen with his rc Su-27 . It has a length of 108" with a wingspan of 72". Twin turbines supply the power. Engines are Jet Cat120. All up weight is around 40 lbs.

The third picture is of Tom Bacsanyi and his rc Su-27. It was built from a Su-27 kit by AK-Models that was designed for a .91 tractor prop in the nose.  Tom substituted a pair of 90 mm EDF units. Wingspan is 54" and length is 63". Weight is around 8 1/4 lbs.

Art Tech's rc Su-27 is shown in the last picture below. It comes as RTF or ARF with a 31" wingspan and a 43" length. Included are twin brushless motors turning 64 mm fan units. Weight is abut 34 oz.

Voster rc Su-27.

Emile Van Essen and his rc Su-27.

Tom Bacsanyi holding his rc Su-27.

RC Su-27 from Art Tech.

Ultrafly has a rc Su-27. It has a w/s of 26" and a length of 36". Power is by a speed 400 or an equivalent brushless motor.

Ikarus has a 30" wingspan, 41" length profile model rc Su-27 made of Depron. Power is from a speed 400 pusher prop motor.

Walkera has an rc Sukhoi Su-27 foamy. It is powered by two 380 size motors driving ducted fans and has a 42.5" wingspan.

Parkjets has the plans for a foamy 24" wingspan rc Su-27. Power is by a single electric motor pusher prop.

Jet Tech has a rc Su-27. It has a length of 109" with a 70" wing span. Power can be from two turbines producing 15 to 28 lbs.of thrust each.

ShenZhen Art-Tech R/C Hobby Co., LTD. makes a rc Su-27. It has a wingspan of 31".

Great Planes Ultrafly has a rc Su-27.  It is a ARF pusher prop model. Its wingspan is 26" and it is 36" long. It uses a Speed 400 size motor. Weight is around 1 1/2 lbs. We can no longer find this rc airplane model on the Great Planes site.

Jet Legend, China, has a rc Su-27. It has a 72" wingspan, a length of 107" and is made for turbine power.

Fei Bao, China, has a rc Su-27. Its wingspan is 65", its length 97", and its weight around 35 lbs.

Chigift Electronic Co., Limited, China, has a rc Su-27. It is a RTF that has a 20" wingspan and appears to be a two channel toy.

Key-Tech Industrial (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., has a rc Su-27 in a Russian Navy paint scheme.

Shenzhen Model-Fans Electronic Co., produces the rc Su-27 with a wingspan of 31".

Amax Industrial Group China Co., Ltd., manufacturers the rc Su-27. It comes as a ARF.

Shenzhen Flying Push Electron Co., Ltd., has a rc Su-27 in a Russian Air Force paint scheme.

Huayu Hobby Ltd., builds a rc Su-27 that is distributed through a number of retailers, primarily in the U.S. and Great Britain.

Shenzhen Lu Rui Trading Co., has rc Su-27. It has a 31" wingspan and is 43" long. A pair of 64 mm fan units power the rc airplane.

Cixi Vega Electronic Tech Co., Ltd., China, packages their 31" wingspan twin rc Su-27 under the Art-Tech brand.

Li Peifen, China, has a page showing a picture of a rc Su-27, but the text describes a helicopter.

Jinming Toys & Crafts Imp.& Exp. Co., Ltd. is selling a two channel RTF toy rc Su-27.

Global Jet Club has a rc Su-27. Its wingspan is 68" and length is 102". Weight is around 39 lbs.

AMD Hobby, Hong Kong has a rc Su-27. Its a foamy with a 26" wingspan, a 35 1/2" length and weight of around 24 oz. Included are a pair of 65 mm fan units.

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