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RC Seawind from Esprit Model.

The rc Seawind from Esprit Model comes almost ready to fly. It is a foamy with a wingspan of 40", and a length of 34". Esprit says that an excellent power source for the rc Seawind Plane would be their A20 motor.  Ready to fly weight is around 1 lb. 10 oz.

Information about the actual aircraft can be found here.

RC Seawind from NitroPlanes.

The rc Seawind from NitroPlanes wingspan is 70", its length is 57", and it has a fiberglass fuselage. Power can come from a .61 two stroke or .91 four stroke engine.  All up weight is around 9 lbs.

RC Seawind from R2Hobbies.

R2Hobbies rc Seawind has a wingspan of 42" and a 34 1/2" length. Its fuselage is glass fibre and wings are built-up balsa. Weight is around 34 oz.

RC Seawind by kylevn of RC Groups.

RC Groups kylevn scratch built the rc Seawind pictured above. Its wingspan is 39" and length is 35". It is made from foam and uses a 1400 kV motor for power. Weight is around 19 oz.

RC Seawind from Great Planes.

The rc Seawind from Great Planes has a wingspan of 71", and length of 56".  You will need a .60 two cycle engine for power.

Smaller Great Planes rc Seawind.

The smaller Great Planes rc Seawind wingspan is 39 1/2", and length is 33 1/2".  A brushless motor is included.

RC Seawind from RVM Shop.

The rc Seawind by RVM Shop has a wingspan of 41" and a length of 39 ".  The fuselage is glass and the wings are built-up balsa.  You will need a 400 size brushless motor for power.

RC Seawind from Miao Ling Toys.

The rc Seawind by Miao Ling is ARF with a wingspan of 81" and a length of 66".  It has retracts, its fuselage is fiberglass, and its wings are balsa sheeted foam.  For power it needs a .71 2C or 1.20 4C engine. Weight, ready to fly, is 12 - 15 lbs.

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