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SPAD For Sale from Dumas.

The SPAD for sale from Dumas comes in a kit.  Wingspan is 35".  It is designed by Pat Tritle.  Three channel controls are for motor, elevator and rudder.  Recommended for power is a Speed 400 size motor.

You can find the actual aircraft here.

SPAD For Sale from Great Planes ElectriFly.

The SPAD for sale from Great Planes ElectriFly has a 34" wingspan and a 32" length.  An ElectriFly 28-30-950 motor swinging a 10 x 3.5 prop is recommended.  All up weight is about 25 oz.

SPAD For Sale from Cleveland Model Supply.

Pictured above is the SPAD for sale as plans from Cleveland Model Supply.  It was built by Tim Corwin. Cleveland Model Supply has a number of rc SPAD plans.  They have wingspans of 25.5", 38", 60" and 76".

SPAD For Sale from Maxford USA.

Maxford USA's SPAD for sale has a 68" wingspan and a length of 53". The ARF is of all wood construction and can be powered by a motor or engine. Weight is around 14 lbs.

SPAD For Sale from Proctor.

The SPAD for sale from Proctor is available in kit form or as ARF. Its wingspan is 80" with a length of 62". You will need from 2.0 to 3.0 four cycle engine power. Weight is about 19 lbs.

Balsa USA's SPAD For Sale.

The SPAD for sale by Balsa USA has a 79" wingspan and is 61" long. It is an all wood kit. Power can be from a 1.8 to 2.0 four cycle engine. Weight is about 21 lbs.

SPAD For Sale from Peter Rake.

The SPAD for sale from Peter Rake shown above has a wingspan of 54".  It is all wood, available as a short kit or plans. It can be powered by a Speed 600 type motor. Weight should be around 5 lbs.

Not shown is the smaller SPAD for sale from Peter Rake. Its wingspan is 36" with power from a Speed 400 type motor. You can buy it as a kit or plans alone.  Weight is about 1 lb. 4 oz.

Arizona Model Aircrafters SPAD For Sale.

The SPAD for sale by Arizona Model Aircrafters comes in wingspans of 27", 53", 79", and 105".  Availability is as plans or all wood kits.

SPAD For Sale from Simprop.

Simprop's SPAD for sale comes as ARF and is available on eBay. The one pictured above was built by John van den Heuvel. Its wingspan is 31 1/2", length is 24", with a weight of around 13 oz. when powered by a Speed 280 size motor.

SPAD For Sale from 3 Sea Bees detail.

The SPAD for sale from 3 Sea Bees Models comes as ARF. You can power it with .60 to .75 two cycle engines or .80 to .90 four cycle engines. It can also be powered by an electric motor.

SPAD For Sale from K & W.

The SPAD for sale from K & W Model Airplanes is said to be of museum quality. Wingspan is 63" and length is 49.5".  A .60 to .90 two cycle or .90 to 1.20 four cycle engine can be used for power. It will also accept electric motors.

SPAD For Sale from HobbyKing.

The HobbyKing SPAD for sale has a wingspan of 27 1/2" and a length of 22".  Included are a motor, controller, and servos. Weight is around 18 oz. It comes as ARF.

SPAD For Sale from Sonic Modell.

Sonic Modell's version of a SPAD for sale comes in a compact size. Its wingspan is 14" and length 10". It comes ready to fly including radio, motor, controller, and flight battery.

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