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Specifications (typical)

VariEze Long-EZ
Primary Function
Continental 0200
Lycoming 0235
100 hp
115 hp
Weight Empty
585 lbs.
710 lbs.
Max. Weight
1,050 lbs.
1,325 lbs.
25 gals.
50 gals.
14' 2"
16' 9"
22' 3"
26' 2"
Cruise Speed
180 mph
185 mph
Max. Speed
205 mph
210 mph
Climb Rate
2,000 fpm
1,850 fpm
25,000 feet
27,000 feet
700 miles
1,380 miles
First Flight
Year Deployed

RC Long EZ from NitroPlanes.

The rc Long EZ (Defiant) from NitroPlanes has a wingspan of 65" and length of 51". For power it needs .40 two stroke engines. Weight is about 8 lbs.

The Long-EZ was developed as a larger, longer range version of Rutan's original VariEze kit aircraft.

A yellow rc Long EZ from NitroPlanes.

The RC Long EZ from Nitro Planes in yellow is pictured above. Wingspan is 57" and length is 39". Construction of the ARF is all wood. You can power it with a variety of engines from .40 to .46 two stroke to a .52 four stroke engine.  The white version is in the picture below.

The airplane can have a heavier, larger, more powerful engine than its predecessor, therefore it doesn't need nose weight to balance it at its center of gravity. It also has a greater payload and double the fuel capacity for greater range.

RC Long EZ from NitroPlanes in white scheme.

The airplane proved the concept that a canard design is more efficient in flight than conventional aircraft. It features such innovations as low weight composite materials, aerodynamic design, high aspect ratio wings, winglets, side stick control with removable wings and canards.

RC Long EZ from Richmodel Works.

The rc Long EZ from Richmodel Works has a 64" wingspan and a 44" length. It is ARF of all-wood construction. You can power it with .60 - .75 2-stroke engines. All up weight should be around 7 1/2 lbs.

Smaller RC Long EZ from Richmodel Works.

The smaller rc Long EZ from Richmodel Works has a 35" wingspan with a length of 22".  The ARF is made from balsa and ply. Weight is just 1 1/2 lbs.  You will need a Speed 380 size brushless motor for power.

RC Long EZ turbine powered.

Lorent of RC Groups took the rc Long EZ from Richmodel Works and powers it with a jet Cat 60 turbine engine. The giant scale rc Long EZ by Richmodel Works has a wingspan of 94 1/2" and length is 58".  It is made from balsa and plywood. A 1.60 two stroke engine is recommended to power the approximately 13 lb. rc airplane.

RC Long EZ on eBay.

The rc Long EZ found on eBay has a 39" wingspan and 27" length. It is a foamy that comes ARF and needs your motor for power.

RC Long EZ by Senye Models.

Senye Models rc Long EZ has a 58" wingspan, 40" length, and is made with a glass fuse and b/u wooden wings. You can power it with a .46 two stroke or .75 four stroke engine. Weight is around 5 1/2 lbs.

RC Long EZ from Obag Models.

The Obag Models rc Long EZ comes in a kit.  You can find it at Obag. nyrobce.cz and other retailers on the net. It is a 56" long VariEze with a glass fibre fuse and balsa over foamy wings. Power can come from a 600 size motor.

RC Long EZ from St. Croix RC.

Although no longer produced we have found the rc Long EZ from St. Croix RC in a kit at RC Universe.  It can also sometimes be found at other rc sites and eBay.

Kerr Aircraft rc Long EZ.

The rc Long-EZ built from a Kerr Aircraft kit is shown above. If you want, Kerr Aircraft will sell you only the plans for their rc Long EZ. It is 1/5 scale with a 64" wingspan and a 36" length. For power you will need from a .40 to .46 two stroke engine. All up weight will come in at around 6 1/2 lbs.

RC Power Long EZ.

The rc Long EZ from RC Powers pictured above was built by Hawk from Watt Flyer.  It is made from Depron and has a wingspan of 30".  Hawk powers it with a 2600 kV motor turning a 6 x 4 propeller.  Its weight is around 11 oz.

GPI Models has a rc Long EZ. It has a 56" wingspan. We could not find a length for the ARF listed on the site. It has a fiberglass fuselage and obechi over foamy wings. GPI recommends a speed 600 direct drive motor.

Paul Wright wrote to tell us about the rc Long EZ from Haoye Model Parts. Wingspan is 39" and a length is 27". Recommended motors are 380 size brushed or brushless. It comes with fixed landing gear.  Thank you, Paul.

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