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RC FA-18 from Jets RC.

The rc FA-18 from Jets RC is 90" long and weighs about 28 lbs. It comes almost ready to fly with a 66 1/2" wingspan and may be powered by 25 to 35 lb. thrust jet turbine engines.

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RC FA-18 from jetset44.

At RC Groups jetset44 posted a rc FA-18 build. It has a 28" wingspan, is 41 1/2" long, and is powered by a geared Speed 350 type motor. The prop measures 8 x 6 and weight is about 15 1/2 oz.

The rc FA-18 built by Mr. Boogie of RC Groups wingspan is 23", and weight is 18 oz. Power comes from a Mega 16-15-4 motor turning a 6.5 x 4 prop.

RC FA-18 scale drawings.

You can find drawings from which to build a rc FA-18 at The Blueprints.com.

Robbe's rc FA-18 has a 28" wingspan and is 38 1/2" long. The ARF weighs about 21 oz. all up.

The rc FA-18 from Hobby Fly comes as RTF. Its wingspan is 27" and length is 38 1/2". Included is a radio, motor, and speed controller. Weight is only about 15 oz.

RC FA-18 produced by Axel Schreiner.

Pictured above is the rc FA-18 produced by Axel Schreiner, purchased by Ulrich Achebach. Its wingspan is 45" and length is 67". Power comes from twin motors turning DS-51 fans.

There are plans and instructions of the rc FA-18 at WattFlyer RC by Hunter 306. The pusher prop park flyer has a 28" wingspan and weighs around 17 oz. when equiped with a Speed 350 type motor.

RC FA-18 from Skymaster.

Thrust for the 67" wingspan, 90" length rc FA-18 by Skymaster can be provided with a single 25 to 35 lb. thrust turbine.

Famous Model's rc FA-18 comes ready to fly. Wingspan is 43" and length is 60" with all up weight of around 60 oz. Included are dual motors with fans, a flight battery, controller, servos, retracts, and a radio.

The rc FA-18 from Century Jet has a 79" wingspan, is 106 1/2" long and weighs around 50 lbs. It can be built with flaps and retracts, and takes one or two turbine engines.

RC FA-18 from Tomhe.net

The rc FA-18 from Tomhe.net free plans is made from Depron and comes with a propeller driven by a Speed 400 size motor in the middle of the fuselage for power. Wingspan is 29" and length is 40".

There are rc FA-18 plan sets at no cost that can be found at Parkjets.  They have from 24" to 42" wingspans. These are of foam construction and can be powered by pusher props or EDFs.

The rc FA-18 was reviewed by Don Blackmon of Chino, CA:

"The rc FA-18 that I built has the 24" wingspan.  It is from Parkjets plans and I really like it. It is powered by a 11.1V battery and Himax 2015-4100 motor geared 4:1 turning a 9 x 6 prop. I like this motor set-up because it provides smooth, instant power throughout the rpm range. Landings couldn't be easier. The airplane slows quickly once the power is reduced. As it is near touch down it can be easily flared to produce a soft landing."

The rc FA-18 from Juno RC is a balsawood and plywood kit.  Its wingspan is 53" with a length of 59". You don't have to through the trouble or expense of turbine engines or even EDF's. For simplicity you will only need from a .60 to .90 two stroke engine in the nose. Weight is about 8 1/2 lbs. The kit has excellent plans and building instructions and its pieces are finished for an exceptional fit.

The rc FA-18 manufactured by Shenzhen HC-Hobby comes ready to fly. Its wingspan is 27" with a 40" length and weight of about 28 ounces. It comes with a motor and EDF unit. We don't know anyone who has this model. If you can tell us how it builds and flies, we would appreciate the information.

We received the following email from Frank Roseby: "I recently purchased the rc FA-18 made by Shenzhehn HC-Hobby. Here are some of my observations about it:

The rc FA-18 from Shenzhehn comes very complete with the controller, motor and EDF unit already hooked together. You can use your favorite electronics and flight battery.

I feel more comfortable hand launching most planes, and the rc FA-18 from Shenzhehn is no exception. However, if you have a nice, smooth, paved surface, it will get into the air in a hurry. Landings are a little tricky. It is best to get it over the end of the runway with some speed on and slowly reducing the throttle to avoid getting into trouble."

Thank you for your review of the rc FA-18, Frank.

The rc FA-18 from Shenzhen is large enough to be easily seen, and propelled by twin motors turning a pair of 70 mm EDF units for excellent speed.  The 44" wingspan, 60" long airplane comes with two flight batteries, motor controllers and a radio. It features folding wings and retracts. Weight is about 6 lbs.

There is a rc FA-18 made by Shenzhen Lanxiang Models, Shenzhen Feixiang Models, and Shenzhen Huayu Hobby that  is 40 1/2" long, has a wingspan of 27" and weighs around 29 oz. Included with the RTF is a motor with controller and radio.

RC FA-18 by FMS.

The rc FA-18 from FMS is 38" long with a wingspan of 26" and a weight of about 22 oz. It is a foamy that comes ready to fly with radio, motor, 64 mm EDF, controller, and flight battery.

The rc FA-18 from Green Air Design comes in kit form and is made primarily from Depron.  It has a 26" wingspan and needs two motors turning 50 mm fans for power.

Whelington Technology has a rc FA-18 with wingspan of 27" and its length of 40 1/2". It was powered by a single motor. Weight was about 23 oz.

RC FA-18 from Starmax.

The rc FA-18 by Starmax comes in various color schemes, has a 27" wingspan and is 37" long with a weight of about 20 ounces. There is a motor and 64 mm fan unit.

Amax produces a rc FA-18 with a 27" wingspan and 38 1/2" length that comes in numerous color schemes as an RTF. Included is a motor, fan unit, controller, flight battery, and FM radio. Weight is around 18 oz.

A 42 1/2" wingspan rc FA-18 from Amax is 59" long, comes ready to fly and weighs around 3 3/4 lbs.

The Amax rc FA-18 with a 39" wingspan and 59" length has retractable l/b. Power comes from a brushless motor turning a 90 mm fan unit.

The rc FA-18 from Lee RC Model comes complete with everything you need to fly except a battery charger.  It is 47" long, has a 31" wingspan and is made from EPO.  Included is a radio system, motor with controller driving a 70 mm fan,  Weight is around 2 1/2 lbs.

Zhongshan Guanli manufacturers the rc FA-18 in a variety of color schemes as a RTF. Its wingspan is 28" with power from a 64 mm fan unit.

The rc FA-18 in profile scale has a 22" wingspan. This kit, from Jets Over Baguio and other retailers, has a low parts count and goes together quickly. It is easy to fly and can withstand hard landings.

Dianzhe has a rc FA-18 that comes with an Included is a 14L motor, controller, servos, TX, RX, and flight battery. We do not know if it is still available.

A rc FA-18 from Hong Kong T&B comes with a 19" wingspan, that is 27" long, and includes a motor and 50 mm fan.

RC FA-18 by Art-Tech.

Don Completto from Chino California sent us the following email:  "The rc FA-18 from Art-Tech has wingspan that is 27" and length that is 41". Included is a 4300 kV motor and fan unit. Weight is about 1 1/2 lbs. Regards, Don"

Thank you very much for the rc FA-18 information, Don.

RC FA-18 from NitroPlanes.

Above is just one example of the rc FA-18 from NitroPlanes. It comes with a brushless motor turning a 64 mm electric ducted fan. Wingspan is 26", length is 38" and weight is about 1 1/2 lbs. It rc comes in a variety of power choices, sizes, and as ARF or RTF.

Paul Dobrick had questions about a rc FA-18. He is considering buying one, but wants to be sure that he can handle it.

Donnie Clark asked advice about the best motor combination to power a rc FA-18. It appears that the stock motors provide sufficient power and the longest flight times.

Chuck Gregory showed a nice video of the first flight of his rc FA-18. It flew well, but came in a little hot and had minor damage when it ran off of the runway. Nothing to worry about. It should be up and flying again soon.

RC FA-18 by Exceed.

Exceed's rc FA-18 with a 90 mm fan unit has a wingspan of 41" and length of 57". Included with the EPO foamy are retracts, motor and controller. All up weight is around 5 1/2 lbs.

A smaller rc FA-18 from Exceed comes as a RTF in various color schemes. Wingspan is 31" and length is 46". Power comes from a 70 mm DF and brushless motor. Weight is about 30 oz.

RC FA-18 from Yellow Aircraft.

The rc FA-18 from Yellow Aircraft comes in kit form. The twin engine kit has a 72" wingspan and a length of 98". Their are several choices for power for the FA-18. These include 2 x .82 ducted fans with 2 x 5 1/4" tractor type fan units or 2 x 18 lb. thrust ea. turbines, or a single turbine with up to 45 lbs. of thrust. There is a smaller rc FA-18 sold as a kit that takes a single turbine and can be engine powered with a 5 1/4" fan.

RC FA-18 from Hobby-Lobby.

The rc FA-18 from Hobby-Lobby has rotating exhaust nozzles for added maneuverability, and retractable landing gear. Its wingspan is 38" and length 52" making for better visibility than smaller models. That's a good thing considering its estimated 80 mph top speed provided by a 90 mm fan unit putting out some 85 oz. of thrust.

Ron Krolikowski wrote:   "The rc FA-18 from Hobby-Lobby is steady and easy to fly with straight ahead stalls. It easily recovers from stalls with just a touch of throttle, or if you have enough altitude, pushing the elevator a little forward. It flys fast with a quick roll rate. Landings are easy. I especially like to do nose-high carrier type landings where the airplane slows quickly, but maintains attitude with a little throttle on. - Cheers, Ron"

Thank you Ron, for sharing your rc FA-18 experiences.

Dan Gonzales emailed us: "I hope that this information about the rc FA-18 from Hobby-Lobby helps anyone who is considering purchasing it. The handling is terrific. The rc FA-18 is extremely capable, yet it doesn't get away from you if you have flown fast, low wing airplanes before. I heard about upgrading the fan and motor before I flew the airplane. Maybe I will do it some time in the future, but for right now, it comes with all of the power that I need. Also, if you want to do a low, slow pass over the field, the airplane will throttle down very well. That's why I think the rc FA-18 is so terrific. I highly recommend it."

Thank you for your rc FA-18 comments, Dan.

RC FA-18 from HET.

The rc FA-18 from HET comes in a number of color schemes. Its wingspan is 47" and length is 59". Suggested power can come from a pair of Typhoon motors turning 70 mm fan units. It features rotating exhaust nozzles, working flaps, and retracts. Weight is around 6 lbs. all up. The rc FA-18 has been described as great looking and good flying with an excellent flight envelope.

Another rc FA-18 from HET has a wingspan of 39" and it is 56" long with a weight of about 98 oz.  It needs a single Typhoon motor with a 480 EDF unit.

RC FA-18 from Banana Hobby.

The rc FA-18 from Banana Hobby comes in blue and yellow colors and is a ARF. Its wingspan is 26" and length is 38". Included is a brushless motor turning a 64 mm fan. Weight is about 20 oz.

RC FA-18 by Silverlit.

The latest rc FA-18 by Silverlit comes ready to fly, including motors, flight battery, charger, and radio. It is great for indoor flight at 13" long with a 10 1/4" wingspan.

Hal Engle brought in his newly constructed rc FA-18 with a 50" wingspan for our show and tell. We can't wait to see it fly.

Ed Dawson is the proud new owner of a rc FA-18 built by Paul Addleson.

Don Johnson has recently acquired Bill Clarkson's rc FA-18 in a kit of mostly wood construction with a 51" wingspan. Engine power is by ducted fan or pusher prop.

John Nettles showed off his new 44" wingspan rc FA-18 that uses brushless motors turning 90 mm electric ducted fans.

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