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Nakajima Ki-43
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   Primary Function:
   Weight Empty:
   Max. Weight:
   Machine Guns:
   Cruise Speed:
   Max. Speed:
   Initial Climb:
   First Flight:
   Year Deployed:
Nakajima Ha-115
1,150 hp
4,210 lbs.
6,450 lbs.
2 x 12.7 mm
2 x 550 lbs.
29' 3"
35' 7"
275 mph
330 mph
3,240 fpm
1,100 miles

Only 40 Nakajima Ki-43 fighters (Allied code name Oscar) had been deployed to the Malay Peninsula. at the start of WW II. They were assigned to escort duties for bombers on missions over Hong Kong and Burma.

Nakajima Ki-43 aircraft were a match for early World War II Allied fighters.

The Japanese Navy Zero is better known than the Nakajima Ki-43, while being only slightly faster. In fact, the Ki-43 could out turn and had a better initial climb rate than the Zero.

Initial shortcomings of the Nakajima Ki-43 were its lack of armor protection for the pilot and fuel tanks, plus the aircraft being equipped with only two 12.7 mm machine guns. Later models had a more powerful engine, armor, and self sealing fuel tanks. One version was even produced with clipped wings.

Eventually over 5,900 Nakajima Ki-43 Oscars of all types were built. They were the most numerous fighters used by the Japanese Army during World War II. Only the Japanese Zero, used by their navy, was produced in greater numbers.

Alfa Model rc Nakajima Ki-43.

In the photograph above is the rc Nakajima Ki-43 ARF for sale from Alfa Model. It has a wingspan of 33 3/4" and a length of 29 1/2". A favorite motor for power is the MP Jet 28/7-35D.

The first picture below is of the rc Nakajima Ki-43 built from Timo Startkloff plans. The plans are available from VTH Online Shop. Specifications are 1:12 scale, with a wing span of 35.5" and a length of 29.5". It can be either motor or engine powered. All up weight is around 28 oz.

WarbirdKits.com has a short kit for sale of the rc Nakajima Ki-43 shown in the second picture below. Wingspan is 35.6" and length is 27.75". You will need a speed 400 size brushless motor for power. The model was designed by Tom Jacoby.

The last picture on this page is of the rc Nakajima Ki-43 that was scratch built by Grasshopper of RC Universe. It has a wing span of 48" and a length of 38". Power comes from a Norvell .25 engine. All up weight is 52 oz.

Timo Starkloff plans rc Nakajima Ki-43.

Warbirds Kits rc Nakajima Ki-43.

Grasshopper's rc Nakajima Ki-43.

Gus Morfis has rc Nakajima Ki-43 plans for sale. They build to a 30" wingspan.

Cash RC from the WattFlyer RC reports that the rc Nakajima Ki-43 built from Timo Starkloff plans is easy to hand launch, turn, and fly. It is capable of nice axial rolls. He was impressed that the it could fly at very slow speeds without stalling. Cash uses an Electrifly 36-35-1000 motor.

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