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RC Me 262 from Banana Hobby.

The rc Me 262 from Banana Hobby, produced by Freewing, is available in both ARF and kit form. Its wingspan is 59" and length is 50". Included are two motors with controllers and 70 mm fan units, four servos, and retracts. Weight of the foamy is about 6 1/2 lbs.

You can find the actual aircraft here.

RC Me-262 from NitroPlanes.

The rc Me-262 from NitroPlanes is made by Dynam. It has a wingspan of 59" with a length of 50 1/2". Available as RTF or ARF, included are retracts, nav. lights, twin motors plus controllers turning 70 mm fans, and a total of five servos. It weighs around 5 1/4 lbs.

RC Me-262 from Stuart Mackay Models.

The rc Me-262 from Stuart Mackay Models has a 80" wingspan and is 60" long. Construction is reinforced epoxy. That's Bob Prioux with his rc Me-262 in the picture above. The rc Me-262 comes with retractable landing gear. It can be powered by twin 90 mm EDF units or turbine engines. Weight should be around 12 1/2 lbs.

RC Me-262 from High End Technology RC.

The rc Me-262 from High End Technology RC (HETRC) has a glass fibre fuselage and balsa over foamy wings. Its wingspan is 49 1/2" and length is 42 1/2". The wing is made for mechanical retracts. It needs your motors and 72 mm fans. It should weigh around 5 1/4 lbs. when completed.

RC Me-262 from BP Hobbies.

The rc Me-262 from BP Hobbies is produced by GWS. It is a foamy with a wingspan of 41" that is 33" long. It needs your motors and 64 mm fan units. It weighs around 28 oz.

RC Me-262 from OrionRider.

The rc Me-262 shown just above was scratch built by OrionRider of WattFlyerRC. It is made from Depron. Wingspan is 67", length is 58", and power is by electric ducted fans. It weighs around 6 lbs.

RC Me-262.

The rc Me-262 from Airworld Modellbau has a 78 3/4" wingspan with a 69" length. It can be retract equipped. It needs your motors and 90 mm fans. Weight should be around 12 lbs.

RC Me-262 built by Werner Kranz.

Werner Kranz scratch built the rc Me-262 pictured right above. Its wingspan is 102 1/2" and length is 87". It is made from glass fibre, has twin turbine engines, and retractable landing gear. It weighs about 32 lbs.

RC Me-262 from Joe Saita Models.

The rc Me-262 from Joe Saita Models features a 106" wingspan with a 90" length and includes retracts. It is O.S. .91 DF powered and weighs about 34 lbs.

RC Me-262 built by John Greenfield.

The rc Me-262 shown right above is the smaller of two airplanes built by John Greenfield. It has a 136" wingspan, is 125" long, and weighs about 42 lbs. Construction is epoxy over balsa. Power comes from a pair of jet turbines putting out 23 lbf. of thrust each.

John Greenfield and his rc Me-262.

That's John Greenfield pictured above with his larger rc Me-262 before final painting. It has a 181" wingspan and is about 161" long. Power if by twin turbines. Weight is around 99 lbs.

RC Me-262 from Flying Styro.

Flying Styro's rc Me-262 comes as ARF. Wingspan is 43" and fuselage length is 32 1/2". Power can come from a pair of Jet Screamer motors driving 56 mm ducted fans.

RC Me-262 from Ducted Fans. com.

The rc Me-262 from Ducted Fans. com has a 79" wingspan and 70" length. Power can be from two BL50-13X motors driving C-50 rotors. All up weight should be around 12 lbs.

RC Me 262 from Air World Models.

The rc Me-262 from Air World Models wingspan is 79" and length is 68". Recommended are twin Jet Cat P60 turbines for power. All up weight is about 15 1/2 lbs.

RC Me 262 from RC Warbirds.

The RC Warbirds rc Me-262 has a wingspan of 50" and a length of 43". Motors can be Typhoon 3W or 2W-20 driving WeMoTec 480 Mini Fans. It weighs around 6 lbs.

On eBay there is a rc Me 262 that has a wingspan of 40". The servos are already installed. Also installed are a pair of 180 EDF motors. The controls are throttle, ailerons and elevator.

We found rc Me 262 plans on eBay. They build to a 44" wingspan and 35" length. With EDF power, weight should be around 1 3/4 lbs.

There is a rc Me 262 on eBay. It is a control line model with a 54 1/2" wingspan that uses .35 engine power with a propeller up front. Weight is about 48 oz.

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