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RC F-117 from Banana Hobby with 64 mm EDF.

Banana Hobby's rc F-117 has a wingspan of 28" and a length of 41". It is propelled by a 64 mm fan unit.  It weighs about 19 oz. ready to fly.  In addition to the motor, the RTF includes batteries and chargers, a radio and receiver.

You can find the actual aircraft here.

Banana Hobby's 70 mm RC F-117.

The larger rc F-117 from Banana Hobby comes in just about any combination you may want. It has a length of 45" with a 31 1/2" wingspan. Power comes from a motor turning a 70 mm fan unit. Weight is around 42 oz.

RC F-117 from Foam Fighters plan.

Foam Fighters has free plans for a rc F-117 that builds to a wingspan of 26" and length of 34 1/2". It needs a Speed 400 type brushless motor for power and should weight around 1 3/4 lbs.

Dave and his RC F-117 from RC Powers.

The rc F-117 from RC Powers comes as a kit. It has a 32" wingspan and measures about 49 1/2" long. You will need a 480 size brushless motor to power the approximately 29 oz. rc F-117.

RC F-117 from NitroPlanes.

Pictured just above is the rc F-117 from NitroPlanes.  It is about 40" long with a wingspan of over 27".  Power is by a 64 mm fan turned by a brushless motor. Weight is about 23 oz. It is also available as a kit and in a cameo paint scheme.

RC F-117 from Lanxiang Models.

Lanxiang Models rc F-117 comes ready to fly, including radio, motor, controller, retracts, and flight battery. The foamy has a 31 1/2" wingspan and is 46" long. Weight is about 2 1/2 lbs.

RC F-117 from YH Model.

The rc F-117 from YH Model has a 48" wingspan and a 54" length. For power you can use a .61 two stroke engine or a .90 four stroke engine. Construction is balsawood and ply. Weight is around 6 1/2 lbs.

RC F-117 from KT Plane.

The rc F-117 from KT Plane is made from plastic and comes as a profile kit with a propeller before the tails. Its wingspan is 27 1/2", with a length of 33" and weight of about 15 3/4 oz. It needs your motor and electronics for completion.

RC F-117 from Tom Hunt Designs.

The Tom Hunt Design rc F-117 is from a kit by Aero Craft Ltd. It has a 30" wingspan and a 26" length. Power is from a Speed 400 type motor in the nose.

RC F-117 from Huayu.

Huayu's rc F-117 is 40" long with a 27" wingspan. Included is a 64 mm EDF unit. It needs your motor and electronics. Weight is around 23 oz.

RC F-117 from Parkjets.

The rc F-117 shown right above, with the colorful underside, is built from Parkjets plans. It has a length of 39 1/4" and a wingspan of 29 1/4"A E-Flite Park 400-4100 is recommended for power.

DH Gate's rc F-117 is 39 1/2" long with a 27" wingspan. It comes ready to fly including motor, flight battery, and charger. Weight is about 21 oz.

You can find free plans for the rc F-117 at Mikeys RC. There are separate plans for EDF power and pusher prop power.

RC Super Powers has a rc F-117 with a wingspan of 21 1/2" and a length of 33". Construction is from Depron. Pushing it is a Welgard 2212-06 motor with either a 5 x 5 or 6 x 4 propeller. All up weight should be between 14 and 16 oz.

Aviation Design's rc F-117 comes as a kit. Wingspan is 48" and length is 79". A .91 engine driving either a Dynamax or Ramtec fan unit is recommended. It has an epoxy upper fuse and foam over obechi lower fuse. The wings are obechi sheeted. All up weight is around 11 1/2 lbs.

Stephen Smith from Australia sent us an email saying, "Banana Hobby have a great rc F-117 with a 28" wingspan. They are made in China, but they do look great and fly superbly."

Thank you for the information Steve. The Banana Hobby rc F-117 Steve described can be found near the top of this page.

Email us if there is a rc F-117 you can recommend.