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Sale Price:
Primary Function:
Weight Empty:
Max. Weight:
Cruise Speed:
Max Speed:
Stall Speed:
Takeoff Run:
Climb Rate:
Ferry Range:
First Flight:
Year Deployed:
$1.471 million
GE J79-GE-11A
1 x 18,000 lbs.
14,082 lbs.
30,780 lbs.
7,500 lbs.
1 x 20 mm.
4 x air-to-air
54' 9"
21' 11"
520 mph
1,450 mph
196 mph
2,700 feet
55,000 fpm
64,800 feet
1,200 miles

The first aircraft to hold concurrent records for maximum velocity, highest flight, and time to altitude was the F-104 for sale by Lockheed. It was designated the Starfighter.

The F-104 for sale was designed based on pilot experience during the Korean War.  It was originally intended as a fast climbing interceptor. Above all, it was designed for high speed.  It saw limited service as an interceptor and as a fighter-bomber with the United States Air Force when it served during the Vietnam War.

Perhaps the most distinctive features of the F-104 for sale are its short, thin wings. With a maximum thickness of only 4", the leading edge of the wings were so sharp that they needed safety covers to protect ground crews.

The speed came with the sacrifice maneuverability and handling. It was not meant for dogfighting.  The best pilots found that the aircraft needed their constant attention. Novice pilots could find the aircraft outpacing their control inputs. The results were numerous fatalities.

A prototype first flew on March 4, 1954, with deployment in the USAF in Feb. 1958.

The F-104 for sale was the first USAF fighter aircraft capable of prolonged flight exceeding Mach 2. It was the first aircraft ever to exceed 100,000 feet in altitude without being launched from another aircraft.

On October 14, 1959 Capt. Joe B. Jordan set an altitude record of 103,389 feet in the F-104.

The Luftwaffe received the majority of the F-104 aircraft for sale, with numerous U.S. allies throughout the world also buying the aircraft.

There were 2,579 of the F-104 for sale through 1979, of which only about 300 went to the U.S.A.F.

F-104 For Sale from Parkjets plans.

Pictured above is F-104 for sale from Parkjets.com plans.  It is designed by Hans Joachim and has a wingspan of 27" with a length of 73".  Hans uses a Mega 16/15/2 motor.  All up weight is just 33 oz.

F-104 For Sale from HET RC.
HET has a F-104 for sale with a fiberglass fuselage and balsa over foam wings shown above. The ARF has a 45 1/2" length and 26" wingspan. It is made to fly with a brushless 480 size EDF unit.

F-104 For Sale from Philip Avonds.

If you are looking for a large F-104 for sale as a kit, check out Philip Avonds. The beautiful model, pictured above and below, built by Hans Van Dongen, is 1/7 scale. Wingspan is 44" and length is 94". You can power it with 12 to 27 lb. thrust turbines. All up weight is around 16.5 lbs.

H. Van Dongen and his F-104 for sale.

Tony Di Giacomo and his F-104 for sale.

Tony Di Giacomo and his scratch built Depron foam 21" wingspan F-104 for sale.

Stumax Aircraft has a F-104 for sale featuring a molded glass fuselage, balsa over foam wings, a 52" length and a 38" wingspan. It is for winds of over 15 mph and for advanced radio control airplane pilots only.

We have seen a F-104 for sale on eBay with a 36" wingspan. It has a fiberglass fuselage and sheeted foam wings. Power is by a brushless motor driving a 69 mm fan unit.

Banana Hobby has a F-104 for sale. It has a wingspan of 20 1/2", a length of 48", and is powered by a 70 mm EDF unit.

Green Air Design has a F-104 for sale as a kit made from Depron foam. It has a wingspan of 20" including tip tanks,  with a length of 36". It is powered by a 400 size brushless motor driving a pusher prop. All up weight is 18 oz.

JD Enterprises has a F-104 for sale. It has a fiberglass fuse with glass over foamy wings. Wingspans are 42" or 46", with a length of 78" and weight of about 12 lbs. Engines can be from .80 to .91 turning 5" fans.

Century Jet Models has a F-104 for sale. Its wingspan is 44" and it is 86 1/2" long. Its fuselage is fiberglass and its wings are wood sheeting over foamy. It needs a .91 engine turning a 5" fan.

Chuck's Toys has a F-104 for sale. It is made from ABS plastic, Depron and balsawood with a 18" wingspan and 32" length. It needs a Speed 400 size motor and 50 mm EDF for power.

SN Hobbies has a F-104 for sale with a 20 1/2" wingspan.

Amax has a F-104 for sale with a 20 1/2" wingspan and 48 1/2" length that weighs about 30 oz.

Sky Team has a 20 1/2" wingspan F-104 for sale. They show it as a foamy with a 70 mm EDF that comes in blue or red paint schemes.

Shenzhen has a F-104 for sale with a 20.5" wingspan.

At Modelflight.com au you can find a description and pictures of a F-104 for sale.

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