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RC Ka-50.
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    Primary Function:
    Rotor Diameter:
    Weight Empty:
    Max. Weight:
    Anti Tank Missiles:
    Cruise Speed:
    Max. Speed:
    Climb Rate:
    Year Deployed:

2- 2,225 hp ea.
44' 3"
17' 9"
2- 47' 7" ea.
17,200 lbs.
22,900 lbs.
1- 30 mm
40- 3.2"
1,100 lbs.
170 mph
217 mph
1,980 fpm
18,000 feet
720 miles

RC Ka-50 from Steve Webb.

The rc Ka-50 from Steve Webb is a clear PET fuselage kit that is 14" long, 2.6" high, and 3" wide.

RC Ka-50 by XHeli.

There are several rc Ka-50 helicopters from 2 channel to advanced multi channel.

In the picture immediately above is the rc Kamov Ka-50 from XHeli. It has a total overall length of 17" and a width of 5.5". Power comes from a pair of 180 SH motors geared 8.625:1.

RC Ka-50 from NitroPlanes.

The rc KA-50 from NitroPlanes features 13 1/2" rotors, twin motor power, 18" length, and 7 1/2" height.   It comes as RTF - ready to fly.

RC Ka-50 from Darth.

The nice looking rc Ka-50 above was built by Heli-boy of RC Groups from a Darth kit. Darth makes rc Ka-50 kits to fit Blade CX, XRB, Drone CX, and similar mechanics.

RC Ka-50 by Causemann.

The rc Ka-50 built by Causemann fuselage is produced for Graupner Bell 47G mechanics.

RC Ka-50 from RC Expert

The rc Ka-50 as a fuselage from RC Expert will fit Housefly, Esky Lama and Twister Bell mechanics.

RC Ka-50 by thesteelcube.

At RC Groups thesteelcube posted pictures, a link to a video, and a description of his rc Ka-50 using Blade mechanics.

RC Ka-50 from XRB.

XRB has a 14.5" length rc KA-50 that is ready to fly with 180 ph motors.

The Meritline Ka-50 includes a radio, charger, extra rotors, flight battery, and weighs around 7 oz.

Airsoft's rc Ka-50 has 13" rotors and is 16" long. It comes as RTF.

The rc Ka-50 from Jingji is 16" x 6" x 7" and weighs about 8.5 oz. Included is a radio and charger.

Fihu's rc Ka-50 has 3 ch control and comes with lights to aid with night flying.

The RC Helicopter Store's rc Ka-50 has a 16" length and comes with a gyroscope and 3 ch control.

China Topwin produces a rc Ka-50 made from plastic that is 16" long and uses four channel control. Included is a flight battery, radio, and charger.

Shantou Toys rc Ka-50 has 15" diameter rotors and comes ready to fly.

The rc Ka-50 from Toy RC is 8" long with 7" rotors. It is RTF.

Amazon has the rc Ka-50 and spare parts.

XHobbyStore has a rc Ka-50 that comes ready to fly, including radio. It is 16" long, 6" wide, and 7" high.

XHeli carries a rc Ka-50 fuselage ready installed on Dragonfly mechanics. It is 19" long and is powered by two 180 brushed motors. It comes ready to fly.

XHeli has a rc Ka-50 that comes RTF with four channel control.

Zhehua has a rc Ka-50.  It features a 13" rotor and is powered by 180 motors.

Jinchuo has a rc Ka-50 that comes ready to fly. It is 15" long and has three channel control.

RC Hover.com has a rc Ka-50 fuselage that fits Blade CX, XRB and Housefly rc helicopters.

At RC Groups gromitvt10 is selling a rc Ka-50 fuselage kit.

Do you know of a good rc Ka-50? Kindly email us.