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RC Stuka from Banana Hobby.

The RC Stuka from Banana Hobby is a foamy that is available as a kit, ARF, or RTF. Its wingspan is 56" and length is 46 1/2". Included with the RTF are crew figures, motor, controller, eight servos, flight battery, and radio. Weight is around 4 lbs.

You can find the actual aircraft here.

RC Stuka from NitroPlanes.

The RC Stuka from NitroPlanes is a foamy with a 55" wingspan and 42" length. It comes as a kit, ARF, or RTF. Ready to fly weight is around 3 3/4 lbs.

RC Stuka from ESM.

The RC Stuka from ESM has a wingspan of 80" and a length of 67". Construction is a glass fiber fuse with balsa b/u wings. Working flaps are included. Power can come from 1.60 to 1.80 - four stroke or 30 to 40 cc gas engine. All up weight should be between around 14 lbs.

RC Stuka from HobbyKing Durafly.

Hobby King Durafly's rc Stuka has a wingspan of 43" and length of 32". It is a foamy ARF with flaps, motor, and controller included. Weight is around 2 1/4 lbs.

RC Stuka for conversion from a Guillow's kit.

Guillow's has a kit we have seen converted to a rc Stuka with electric power. It is all balsa with a 34" wingspan. It can also be built with rubber power or engine power, for U-control, or free flight.

RC Stuka from Hyperion.

Hyperion's rc Stuka has a wingspan of 55" and is 50" long. Included with the ARF are a motor, spinner, and flaps. Weight is about 4 3/4 lbs.

RC Stuka from Flying Styro.

The rc Stuka from Flying Styro has a wingspan of 34.5" and a length of 27.5". Flying Styro recommends a AXI 2212/34 motor. Weight is around 17 oz.

RC Stuka from Great Planes.

The rc Stuka from Great Planes has a 70" wingspan.  It has a length of 55". The ARF is of all wood construction and includes working flaps as an option. You can power it with .61 to .75 two cycle engines or a .91 four cycle engine. All up weight should be around 8 lbs.

RC Stuka from Nick Ziroli Plans.

Howard Cahr and his rc Stuka.

The two pictures immediately above are of the good looking rc Stuka built by Howard Cahr from Nick Ziroli Plans. Wingspan is 100" and length is 77". You can use 3.0 to 4.2 ci engines for power. It should weigh from 26 to 32 lbs. upon completion. In addition to plans, Nick Ziroli also has short kits of the rc Stuka.

RC Stuka from Raska Plans.

RC Groups tochero, aka Federico, built the nice looking rc Stuka from enlarged Raska plans.  Wingspan is 45".

RC Stuka from Kyosho.

Kyosho's rc Stuka has a 47 1/2" wingspan. Flaps are included with the ARF. Length is 37" and weight is 40 oz. Motors should be a minimum of 200 Watts and a maximum of 400 Watts.

RC Stuka from BlackHorse Models.

The BlackHorse Models rc Stuka comes almost ready to fly. Construction is balsawood and ply. Wingspan is 75 1/2", length is 61 1/2" and you will need a 1.20 two cycle engine for power. Weight is about 10 3/4 lbs.

Have you seen a rc Stuka you would like to recommend?  Please email us.