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Hughes H-1 Racer
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       Primary Function:
       Weight Empty:
       Max. Weight:
       Cruise Speed:
       Max. Speed:
       Initial Climb:
       Year Deployed:
P&W R-1535
1,000 hp.
3,565 lbs.
5,492 lbs.
250 gals.
26' 0"
24' 11"
246 mph
352 mph est.
2,500 fpm est.
22,500 feet
2,600 miles

The Hughes H-1 Racer was designed to meet the needs of the most advanced air racers of the era. Various versions did not get beyond the prototype stage, until the slick aircraft was developed.

It made its maiden flight on September 13 1935 during which it set an unoficial speed record of 352 mph.  Subsequently it set a number of other world records. Eventually the aircraft logged over 1,800 flying hours before being retired.

The search for more speed led Hughes to design an updated, improved aircraft, based on the most modern technology available at the time. The H-1 engine featured specially ported heads, a high compression ratio, and a strengthened structure to withstand high speed operations. The wing design featured a streamlined leading edge and revised aileron controls for speed and maneuverability.

The scale replica of the Hughes H-1 Racer, as seen in the picture above, was built by James Wright. Unfortunately the aircraft crashed, killing Wright.

RC Hughes H-1 Racer from T&J Models.

Pictured above is a rc H-1 Racer airplane  for sale from T&J Models. It is sold as a short kit. Wingspan of is 32". Recommended power comes from geared 020 or outrunner electric motors.

In the picture below is the 1/12 scale H-1 Racer from Jim Young. It has a wingspan of 32" and a length of 26". Jim powers his rc airplane with an Astro Flight 020 geared motor.

Precision Cut Kits has plans for a rc H-1 Racer for sale. It has a wingspan of 80" and comes from a Pepino plan.

The second picture below is of a slope soarer Hughes H-1 Racer rc for sale by Leading Edge Gliders. It has a 60" wingspan. J. Ludwick built the model. In the picture the rc airplane is being flown by Steve Lange.

The last picture below is of another rc H-1 Racer slope soarer. It is also from a Leading Edge Gliders kit. It was built by Eric Eaton.

Maxford USA has a Hughes H-1 ARF for sale with a 40" wingspan. It is 33" long and weighs about 30 oz. It needs a Speed 400 size motor for power.

Kit Cutters has a giant scale Hughes H-1 Racer kit for sale. It has a wingspan of 80" and is 64 1/2" long. Power can come from a 1.8 c.i.d. engine. Plans are also for sale.

Cleveland Model has plans for sale for a 20" wingspan rc Hughes H-1.

The AMA Plans Service has rc Hughes H-1 plans for sale from a Musciano design. Wingspan is 45". Plan no. 22547.

The AMA Plans Service has plans for sale designed by Jim Young for a 32" wingspan rc Hughes H-1 Racer. No. 00991.

There are giant scale Hughes H-1 Racer plans for sale at the AMA plans service. Wingspan is 80". They are from Scale Plans. No. 50147.

Forest Morris of Jasper GA writes: "I saw your web site and request for information on the rc Hughes H-1 Racer. I have taken the RC Hughes H-1 Racer plans by L.F. "Jim" Pepino, enlarged them to 28% of full scale and have a 107" wingspan version under construction. The build thread is on rcscalebuilder.com.

Forest, thank you for telling us about where to find the plans for the rc H-1 Racer. We wish you all the best on your project and hope to hear about its successful flight.

Please email us about your favorite H-1 Racer rc.

RC Hughes H-1 Racer by Jim Young.

Leading Edge Gliders rc Hughes H-1 Racer.

RC Hughes H-1 Racer by Eric Eaton.

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