Aviation Trivia
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Accomplishments,  pictures,  sounds  and  specifications of
the highest flying, altitude-record setting aircraft and airplanes,
and a scale radio control airplane guide.
Select the aircraft for pictures, sounds, and specifications.

Highest Flying Aircraft

Highest flying manned aircraft: X-15

Highest flying drone aircraft: X-43A

Highest flying U.S. jet aircraft zoom: F-104

Highest flying absolute jet aircraft zoom: MiG-25

Highest flying propeller aircraft: Helios

Highest flying piston multi engine aircraft while carrying 1,000 kg payload: B-29

Highest flying piston single engine aircraft: Caproni Ca.161

Altitude record highest flying float plane: Ca.161 Idro

Altitude record highest flying twin pusher prop: Grob Strato 2C

Highest flying piston single-engine drone: Perseus B

Highest flying piston multi-engine drone: Condor

Highest flying cargo aircraft: C-17

Absolute highest flying helicopter: SA-315

Highest flying turbine helicopter: CH-54/S-64

Highest flying jet seaplane: F2Y

Highest flying single piston engine propeller seaplane: Caproni Ca.161 Idro

Highest flying single engine turboprop: Egrett

Highest flying single engine piloted aircraft: U-2

Highest flying sustained horizontal flight: SR-71