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    Primary Function:
    Weight Empty:
    Max. Weight:
    Cruise Speed:
    Max. Speed:
    Climb Rate:
    First flight:
    Year Deployed:
utility STOL
Argus As10C-3
240 hp
1,900 lbs.
2,900 lbs.
32' 9"
46' 9"
90 mph
110 mph
950 fpm
17,000 feet
230 miles

Fieseler Storch

We received the following email:
From: Pierre Garderes ([email protected])
"That Fieseler Storch, she isn't very glamorous is she? Quite resilient however! The club over here (Pau Pyrenees Fr) used a Fieseler Storch for dropping parachutists (two at one time, one for the big one.) She would sometimes just bounce and take off without rotation! My sister jumped 16 times this way. The plane had a plank in the struts where you had to sit, out of the plane, before jumping. The motor quit upon take off during a test flight and the grasshopper legs folded back, damaging the fuse, thanks to a giant mole hill. Written off, pilot Ok, swore quite a bit maybe, this was in the early '60. Best regards - Titus"

The picture that was attached to the email is shown above.

Fieseler Storch

Pictured above is the Fieseler Storch from Uncle Willies Plans built from a kit for sale from Kit Cutters. It is 1/4 scale. Wingspan is 140" and length is 97".  The power source can be a Kritz Bully engine.

The Fieseler Storch, officially the Fieseler Fi 156, entered service with the Luftwaffe in 1937. It is known for short take off and landing (STOL) abilities. In a slight breeze, it can take off in about 200 feet and land in about 70 feet.

Fieseler Storch

The 1/8 scale Fieseler Storch from BMI has a 71" wingspan and 43" length.

Although the Fieseler Storch served in virtually every theatre occupied by the German army, it may best remembered as the plane used in Operation Eiche, the rescue of Benito Mussolini from a boulder covered location in the Gran Sasso Mountain range, on September 12, 1943.  A Fieseler Storch piloted by Heinrich Gerlach managed to land in about 100 feet.  Mussolini and German commando Otto Skorzeny climbed aboard the aircraft that managed to get the loaded aircraft off the ground in about 200 feet and fly to safety.

Fieseler Storch

Pictured immediately above is Ed Newman's fantastic looking Fieseler Storch. It has a wingspan of 112", is 78" long, and is powered by a Saito 1.50 engine. Weight is around 22 lbs.

Pilots report the Fieseler Storch as a pleasant aircraft to fly. Cockpit visibility is excellent. The rear folding wings make storage possible in small spaces. Aileron response is positive with only a light touch needed. There is a wheel on the left side of the cockpit that controls the flaps. It takes of bit of strength to deploy the flaps in their full 70 degrees of range. However, for take off, generally 20 to 40 degrees is used. Starting the engine of the aircraft is a breeze, no matter the weather.

Fieseler Storch

The Fieseler Storch from a kit from E-Star Models has a wingspan of 52.5" and a length of 35.5". Suggested power is a geared Speed 480 size motor. All up weight should be 2 lbs. or less.

Variants of the Fieseler Storch were produced in France and Czechoslovakia through 1950.

Over 2,900 Fieseler Storch aircraft of all types were produced. Some twenty are still flying today, and are often seen at air shows.

Fieseler Storch

We received the following email from Pierre Garderes ([email protected])
"Good day,  My Fieseler Storch had been laying in it box for a few years (10?) when I decided to fly her. I was( alas!) a foamie ("depron" white sheet) some + 90 cm (36"span), from (if I remember well) a Czech model maker (Hacker?...)
I flew her indoors and in my backyard and it sported a few scars. While flying indoor lately, a silly ugly clumsy basket pole jumped at her and stomped the poor thing. She was doing well on an indoor 20gm brushless motor with prop (8x4) saver and two 450 lipo cells. The whole work was around 250g (say 10oz) four 6g servos +  flaps!! I wish I had taken measurements before getting rid of the corpse!
She was quite sturdy: 6mm depron all over, shaped (ribs) wings not intended for ailerons ... but, better with, especially indoor where the walls and basket poles are jumping at you so fast. The prop here isn't that aesthetic and would not last. I changed it for a gray APC 8x3.8 slow fly. She would look better with red crosses (all white +.... red cross, Russia medevac) but ...
If any one knows about that one, let me know."

The Fieseler Storch built by Pierre can be found pictured just above.

Fieseler Storch

We received the following email from H.E. -
"JR Models is a Czech model maker that makes the Fieseler Storch. This is the only small to medium sized slow/parkflyer that I can find of the Fieseler Storch. I have one. It was given to me by a guy who had it for years. The plans call for rubber bands and thread for the control surfaces."

Thank you for telling us about JR Models, H.E. Their site shows the Fieseler Storch, pictured above, with a wingspan of 34 1/2" and a length of 27". It is made from Depron and uses a geared Speed 280 size brushed motor or brushless 280 - 300 size direct drive motor. It is made for indoor or minimal wind flying.

Uncle Willies Plans has plans for a smaller version of the Fieseler Storch. It has a wingspan of 93".

Kit Cutters also has a Fieseler Storch with a 46.5" wing span from Nexus Plans for sale as a kit or plan.

Aviomodelli has a Fieseler Storch. It has a 82" wingspan and a 55" length. Materials used in the construction are all wood. You can power it with 7.5 to 10 cc two cycle or 10 to 15 cc four cycle engines.

Bob Holman has plans and short kits for the Fieseler Storch. These come in two sizes. The 70" wingspan model can be powered by .25 to .40 two cycle engines. The 1/6 scale 94" wingspan model can be powered by .90 to .120 or G38 engines.

We have seen postings in RCUniverse about the Fieseler Storch from Svensson kits. They appear to be powered with from .90 to 1.20 engines with about 120" wingspans and a weight of approximately 12 lbs. less engine. A price of 500 Euros was shown for one. We can not find any additional information about these seemingly highly desirable kits, or models built from them.

RCGroups mentions the Fieseler Storch from Kyosho. It has a 52" wingspan and weighs around 36 oz. We could not find it on the Kyosho website, however.

LX Models had a Fieseler Storch with a 52" wingspan. A check of their website shows it has been discontinued.

Vintagerc has plans for the Fieseler Storch. It has a 92" wingspan.

ESM has a Fieseler Storch. It is a ARF with a 93" wingspan that is 63 1/2" long and uses a 1.20 four stroke engine for power. Weight is around 16 1/2 lbs.

The Maxford USA Fieseler Storch is a very complete ARF that comes with folding wings and pre-installed servos. Wingspan is 63", length is 40" and weight is around 3 lbs. You will need to provide a 15 size electric motor.

The BH Models Fieseler Storch has a 112" wingspan, is 72" long, uses a 35 cc engine, and weighs around 18 lbs.

Is there a Fieseler Storch that you would like to recommend?

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