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        US $Cost:
        Primary Function:
        Weight Empty:
        Max. Weight:
        Machine Guns:
        With Radardome:
        Cruise Speed:
        Max. Speed:
        Climb Rate:
        First Flight:
        Year Deployed:
2- V 1,600 hp ea.
16,000 lbs.
25,600 lbs.
6 x .50 cal.
25 x 5"
4,000 lbs.
38' 11"
42' 9"
51' 3"
280 mph
460 mph
3,700 fpm
38,900 feet
2,200 miles

The F-82, made by North American, was the last USAF propeller driven fighter.

NitroPlanes F-82.

The idea of the F-82 originated during World War II. It was to be a fighter aircraft with long range and 2 pilots. It was reasoned that a pair of pilots alternating flying the aircraft would reduce pilot fatigue on long bomber escort missions.

In the pictures above and below is a F-82 from NitroPlanes. Wingspan is 70 1/2" and it is 48" long. Weight is about 9 1/2 lbs.  It comes in two color schemes. It was designed for .32 - .40 two cycle or .40 four cycle engines, but can also be converted from engine to electric power.

The second picture below is of pilot Lyn Bowerman and the F-82. It was converted to electric power by its builder, Greg Covey.

The third picture is the F-82 by RC Warbirds. It is a EPP foamy and has a 41" wingspan. Recommended power comes from two GWS 2208/18T outrunner motors swinging GWS 3 blade 9 x 7 props.

The bottom picture is of the F-82 by Giant Scale Twins. It has a 130" wingspan and is 92" long. A 3.7 c.i.d. engines are recommended to power it. Weight is around 51 lbs.

F-82 by NitroPlanes.

In an effort to product the new aircraft quickly, North American employed the existing engines and fuselages from the original Mustang. However, the wing of the F-82 was completely new. The design of the aircraft meant that the pilots would be carried in separate cockpits.

Lynn Bowerman and his F-82.

The F-82, flying from air fields in Japan, was one of the first U.S. fighter aircraft flying missions in Korea. The all-weather interceptor version of the aircraft scored the original U.S. flying victories of the Korean War on June 27, 1950 by downing 3 enemy planes.

RCWarbirds F-82.

Over 1,860 missions were flown by F-82 aircraft over Korea before they were retired from combat in February of 1962. A total of 270 of all models were produced.

Giant Scale Twins F-82.

World Models has a F-82. Wingspan is 73", weight is around 10 lbs. and the fuselage is 45" long. The fuselage is made from plywood and balsa. Wings are sheeted foamy. Engines can be from .25 to .50 2C.

The AMA has F-82 plans. It is a profile model with a wingspan of 49.5". Plan no. 00594.

On eBay and other sites we have seen a Dynaflite F-82. Wingspan is 62" with engine from .35 - .45 2C. Weight is around 6 1/2 lbs.

Yongkang Fly Models has a F-82. It is 48" long with a 70 1/2" wingspan and weight of about 9 1/2 lbs. You will need .40 two cycle engines for power.

Xiang Yung has a F-82 that is 56" long and has a 90 1/2" wingspan. Recommended engines are .61 four strokes.

Foshan Jun Feng Model Shop is advertising a gas power F-82. The only other information given is that is is made from fiberglass. No wingspan, length, type of power, or weight is shown on their page.

Lyoyang has a F-82 that is of all wood construction and has a 70 1/2" wingspan.

Senye also has a 70 1/2" wingspan F-82.

We found yet another F-82 with a 70.5" wingspan for sale at Hobbyhut in Thailand.

Jim Logan built a F-82 with a 115" wingspan. It uses G38 power.

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