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    Primary Function:
    Torpedo Tubes:
    Max. Speed:
    Climb Rate:
    First Flight:
    Year Deployed:
space transport
anti-matter drive
443' 5"
388' 2"
Warp 9
2,000 light years

The F-27 Stryker, is the fictitious aircraft capable of space travel at faster than light speeds, featured in the Diane Romanelli short story "Instead."  It bears a strong resemblance to a 1950's jet fighter, but is much bigger.

The F-27 Stryker lands on a dying planet as part of its scientific mission to explore other civilizations.  Its crew perished when they left the safety of the aircraft and were eaten by wild animals.

The F-27 Stryker is discovered by one of the planet's natives while she is far away from his village, searching for food.  While exploring the airplane she accidentally actuates the controls and it transports her to a beautiful uninhabited planet where the climate is ideal and food and water are plentiful.

The hero gets back into the F-27 Stryker and again activates the controls whereby it flies her back to her home planet.  There she tells her people of the discovery.  They board the Stryker and head back for the newly discovered planet.

On the way to the planet, they encounter an alien space ship that attacks.  The hero at the controls pushes buttons in the cockpit until it fires lasers and torpedoes, disabling the alien craft, enabling the F-27 Stryker to escape.

The F-27 Striker finally makes it to the new planet where they all live happily ever after.

F-27 Stryker from A Main Hobbies.

The smaller ParkZone F27 Stryker, available from A Main Hobbies, has a 17" wingspan and is 11" long.  Its controls are throttle, elevons and rudders.  Included is a motor and flight battery.

F-27 Stryker from Horizon Hobby.

The F-27 Stryker by ParkZone from Horizon Hobby comes RTF.  Included is a motor, controller, flight battery and charger.  Wingspan is 37" and it is 24" long.  Weight is around 2 lbs.

F-27 Stryker from ParkZone Model B.

The F--27 Stryker from ParkZone, Model B, comes in almost ready to fly PNP and RTF versions in a grey color scheme.  Wingspan is 37" and length is 27", with an all up weight of about 1 1/2 lbs.  Included with the PNP version is a brushless motor spinning a 6 x 4 propeller, plus a controller.  The RTF version includes all the above plus batteries, radio, receiver, and chargers.

F-27 Stryker by Parkzone Model C.

The F-27 Stryker from ParkZone model C also comes in PNP and RTF versions.

F-27 Stryker model C underside.

F-27 Stryker from Jetcom Modellbau.

Jetcom's F-27 Stryker has a 44" wingspan and 35" length. It can be powered by a 5 to 6 lb. thrust turbine engine or the EDF equivalent.  Weight is about 5 lbs.

F-27 Stryker from Jasonweb.net.

The F-27 Stryker on Jasonweb.net shows a number of improvements. Among them are the use of the Turnigy 2350 kV motor, a heavy duty speed controller, and a reinforinced motor mount to handle the extra power. Carbon fibre rods are used to strengthen the F-27 Stryker for high speed maneuvers.

F-27 Stryker from SSteven1.

SSteven1 of RCGroups builds his F-27 Stryker to reduce total weight. It weighs just 10 oz. using a 1500 kV motor, micro servos, and a light weight batery.

F-27 Stryker from Murman.

RCGroups Murman reduced the wingspan of his F-27 Stryker by 4". It is now very fast. His motor weighs 29 grams and all-up weight is about 13 oz.

F-27 Stryker from DustyPockets.

The F-27 Stryker pictured above was built by DustyPockets of RCGroups. It is powered by a 25 gram motor, uses micro servos and an 18 A speed controller.

Dan and his modified F-27 Stryker.

Pictured above is Dan from Modelflight and his F-27 Stryker by ParkZone. He modified it with decals, a custom color scheme and by adding forward canards.

F-27 Stryker from Scratch RC.com.

There are F-27 Stryker plans at Scratch RC.com.  Wingspan is 37" and power comes from a single pusher prop.

F-27 Stryker by RC Groups lenniegordo.

Lenniegordo at RC Groups built and posted plans for the good looking F-27 Stryker shown above . It has a 30" wingspan and is powered by a 3,000 kV motor.  Weight is about 15 oz.

F-27 Stryker elongated by lenniegordo.

Lenniegordo of RC Groups took his F-27 Stryker and lengthened it by about 2/3 to produce the above model. We do not have any further details.

F-27 Stryker from Amazon.

In the picture right above is the F-27 Stryker from Amazon.   Wingspan is 25", length is 24" and construction is from EPP foam.  It comes with a 380 motor, speed controller, flight battery, charger, and V-tail mixer.

F-27 Stryker from Yellow Aircraft.

You can find a F-27 Stryker at Yellow Aircraft that uses turbine power. It has a 52" wingspan, is 58" long, and weighs around 12 lbs. Construction is a fiberglass fuselage and balsa sheeting over foamy wings. The turbine engine should produce between 10 and 12 lbs. of thrust.

F-27 Stryker from eBay.

The F-27 Stryker on eBay has a 26" wingspan, is 23 1/2" long, and weighs about 1 lb.  Included are a brushed motor, flight battery and charger.  It is made from EPP foam. It needs your speed controller.

F-27 Stryker from Art Tech.

The F-27 Stryker from Art Tech is powered by an electric ducted fan and comes ready to fly.  Its wingspan is 32" and length is 24 1/2". Included is a B2025-15L motor with 64 mm fan unit, controller, radio, batteries, and charger.  All up weight is about 18 1/2 oz.

F-27 Stryker by MADFX of RC Groups.

The F-27 Stryker built by RCGroups MADFX uses CD ROM motor turning a 5 x 5 pusher prop.

F-27 Stryker by ashtasky of RC Groups.

The F-27 Stryker built by RC Groups ashtasky is made from corrugated plastic sheet and uses a SuperSonic 30A motor turning a 5 x 5 propeller pushing the model.  Weight is about 18 1/2 oz.

F-27 Stryker with 27" wingspan.

Pictured just above is another version of the F-27 Stryker built by ashtasky of RC Groups. Its wingspan is 27" and length is 22 1/2". Construction is from 3 mm Coroplast and weight is around 13 oz.

F-27 Stryker by HennieT of RC Groups.

HennieT's F-27 Stryker has a 27 1/2" wingspan and is powered by a 3200 kV motor turning a 4.75 x 4.75 pusher propeller.

F-27 Stryker with twin motors.

The F-27 Stryker with twin motors was posted to YouTube by TheRattleSnake3145.  It uses two 2700 kV motors turning 6 x 4 propellers.  The fuselage was reinforced with carbon fibre tubing to handle the extra weight and power of the motors.

Lou Avarti sent us the following email: "The F-27 Stryker from ParkZone is reasonably priced, comes ready to fly with minimal time from the box to the flying field, is extremely rugged, needs little space to fly (a good size park will do), and is easy to hand launch (no landing gear to worry about). Because the F-27 Stryker does not have the shape of a conventional airplane, it took me a while to get used to its orientation. My advice is to keep it in close until you are comfortable with it. I highly recommend the ParkZone F-27 Stryker. - Cheers, Lou Avarti"

Thank you for your comments about the ParkZone F-27 Stryker, Lou.

At our last meeting Jay Telesa showed our club a video of his scratch built F-27 Stryker with a 36" wingspan.  Great flying!

Not to be outdone, Oscar Stryesky brought in his F-27 Stryker video. He recently bought the F-27 Stryker from ParkZone and is thrilled with its performance.  Both Jay's and Oscar's F-27 Stryker aircraft were impressive.

Don Walker had lots of questions about the F-27 Stryker because he was considering getting one as well.  Seems the videos convinced him.

Jim, Don's brother, just started flying slope soarers. He wondered if the F-27 Stryker would make a good first powered rc airplane.

Charlie Dale told us that he recently purchased the NitroPlanes F-27 Stryker and it should be flying soon.

Ron Mealing brought in pictures of his F-27 Stryker by ParkZone.

You can find spare parts for the F-27 Stryker on eBay.

Note that all of the pictures on this page are of versions of the F-27 Stryker although some call them by different names.

Email us about your favorite F-27 Stryker.