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Experimental Aircraft:

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Close troop support ground attack experimental aircraft that was bested by its competition: Northrop A-9

Concept experimental air tanker: A-10 Fire Hog

Unsuccessful First World War German observation twin boom, pusher experimental aircraft, based on the AGO C 2:  AGO C 3

Experimental observation biplane which unsuccessfully tried to correct the handling issues of the C 4:  AGO C 7

Experimental observation biplane equipped with a different engine than the C 4 in the hope of improving reliability. It never entered production:  AGO C 7

Observation biplane experimental aircraft of conventional design; a single example experimental aircraft was produced in 1915. Its speed and handling did not compare with other aircraft and the project was canceled:  AGO DV 3

Experimental aircraft produced in 1918 to be used for ground attack. It was armed with a 20 mm cannon in a fixed downward firing position. The design never made it into production due to the end of the War:  AGO SJ

Experimental high speed rotorcraft with a rotor and pusher prop: AH-56 Cheyenne

Canadian built interceptor experimental aircraft that never went into production due to politics: Avro Arrow

Experimental aircraft and world's smallest airplane overall: Stits Baby Bird

Experimental aircraft recognized as the world's smallest jets: Bede BD-5J

Experimental seaplanes, the largest built during WW II: Blohm & Voss BV 238

Experimental triplane bomber, largest ever, built at the end of WW1: Bristol Braemer

Experimental aircraft, world's smallest biplane: Starr Bumble Bee

Experimental nine-wing 100 seat seaplane: Caproni Ca.60

Experimental aircraft of the mid 1930's built for the purpose of setting altitude records: Caproni Ca.161

Experimental aircraft combining an air boat and hydroplane, designed to test ground effect on large, heavy vehicles: Caspian Sea Monster

Drone experimental aircraft that set the world's piston powered engine altitude record: Boeing Condor

Twin radial engine reconnaissance experimental aircraft produced by France. One flew in 1939. The project ended when France was occupied by German troops: Dewoitine D720

Experimental aircraft built to win long distance races: DGA-6 Mr. Mulligan

Experimental aircraft that won the Maidenhall England to Melbourne Australia race of 1934: DH.88

This German fighter/bomber was one of the fastest experimental aircraft of World War II: Do-335

U.S. Navy experimental aircraft that became the world's only supersonic seaplanes: F2Y

Experimental aircraft with the fuselage of a F-15A, the wings of a F/A-18 and canards with differential up front: F-15S/MTD

Experimental aircraft that has the fuselage of a F-16 and crank arrow wings: F-16 XL

Experimental aircraft built for the purpose of being the first to cross the Atlantic: Felixstowe Fury

Experimental fighter aircraft that were propelled with both a piston engine and a jet simultaneously: FR-1

Experimental aircraft bomber project designed by Japan to attack the U.S. mainland from long range: Nakajima G10N Fugaku

Experimental aircraft, driven by electric motors, that set an altitude record of 96,863 feet: NASA Helios

Experimental aircraft that set a world air speed record and a U.S. transcontinental speed record: Hughes H-1 Racer

Experimental aircraft recognized as the world's smallest helicopter: GEN H-4

Experimental aircraft with the longest wingspan of any airplane: Hughes H4 Spruce Goose

First successful experimental jet aircraft: Heinkel He-178

Experimental jet fighter, the first ever jet powered aircraft in Latin America, produced by Argentina, that first flew in 1947. Only one was built. The project was canceled due to poor flight performance: FMA IAE 27

Experimental aircraft jet fight, the first with swept wings from Latin America, produced by Argentina. Five were produced starting in 1948. By the time its unstable flight issues were resolved, aircraft from other nations were deemed superior. The project was canceled in 1960: FMA IAE 33

Jet powered flying wing experimental aircraft, developed in Argentina, resembling a paper airplane, introduced in 1953 and canceled in 1960 due to budget limitations: FMA IAE 37

Twin jet engine experimental aircraft designed in 1956, with an elongated delta-like wing, intended as a supersonic interceptor, canceled due to lack of funding: FMA IAE 48

Experimental aircraft, that if successful, would have been the primary fighter/bombers of the Israeli Air Force in the 1990's and beyond:  IAI Lavi

Japanese pusher prop powered canard experimental aircraft of World War II: J7W

Chinese fifth generation stealth multirole fighter experimental aircraft first flown in 2011: Chengdu J-20

Experimental aircraft flown in 1908 that won the Scientific American Cup for flying over 1 kilometer (3,280 ft.). AEA June Bug

Experimental aircraft with a huge propeller, driven by four engines: Linke-Hoffman R.II

Experimental fighter aircraft carried by their mother ship for its protection: Messerschmitt Me-328

Early experimental aircraft propelled by a fan jet that eventually flew as Italy's first powered, non-propeller aircraft:  Caproni Campini N1

Experimental aircraft flying wings:  Northrop N9M

Experimental aircraft U.S. fighter first flight: North American NA-73X

Experimental aircraft four wing fighter aircraft made to intercept Zeppelins: P.B.31E Nighthawk

Experimental aircraft U.S. Navy jet seaplane bombers:  P6M Seamaster

Experimental aircraft, the first Australian built jets, used as manned prototypes for target drones. Two were built with the first flown in 1950. One crashed in 1951 and the other was retired in 1954: GAF Pika

Experimental aircraft that was the largest all-metal seaplane ever produced: Saunders-Roe Princess

Experimental U.S. stealth helicopter project cancelled after billions spent: RAH-66 Comanche

Experimental aircraft, the first to be powered by four engines: Russky Vityaz

Experimental aircraft, the first in Canada to make a controlled flight while under power: AEA Silver Dart

Experimental aircraft, privately funded, first ever to reach space: SpaceShipOne

Experimental aircraft for high altitude research, set a world record: Strato 2C

Russia's extreme agility demonstration fighter experimental aircraft with thrust vectoring and forward swept wings: Su-47

Experimental aircraft, triplane with six engines, largest aircraft in the world when produced: Tarrant Tabor

Experimental racer aircraft that beat the best the military had to offer: Travel Air Mystery Ship

Experimental aircraft that looked like a flying saucer, originally built as a fighter, but flew more like an unstable helicopter. The project started in 1958 and ended in 1961: VZ-9 Avrocar

Experimental launch aircraft for SpaceShipOne: White Knight

Experimental aircraft, testing the ability to achieve powered control flight: Wright Flyer

Experimental aircraft that was the first to achieve supersonic speeds: Bell X-1

Experimental aircraft that set the unofficial helicopter speed record: Sikorsky X2

Experimental aircraft designed to investigate high speed supersonic flight: Bell X-2

Experimental aircraft investigating long distance supersonic flight: Douglas X-3

Experimental aircraft designed to investigate the advantages of flight without the use of a horizontal stabilizer of elevator: Northrop X-4

Experimental aircraft that tested variable sweep wings: Bell X-5

Proposed experimental aircraft, that never came to fruition, to test nuclear powered aircraft engines: Convair X-6

Experimental aircraft testing ramjet engine technology for missiles: Lockheed X-7

Experimental rocket launching low earth orbit satellites: Aerojet General X-8

Experimental anti-aircraft missile: Bell X-9

Experimental long range missile launched from the ground to be used against surface targets: North American X-10

Experimental test bed for the Atlas missile: Convair X-11

Experimental test bed for the Atlas B two stage missile: Convair X-12

Experimental aircraft to test the concept of vertical take off and landing by a jet: Ryan X-13

First experimental aircraft testing thrust vectoring jet engines:  Bell X-14

Fastest ever manned experimental aircraft: North American X-15

Concept experimental aircraft to test observation from the upper atmosphere, but never built: Bell X-16

Rocket powered experimental aircraft built to test the thermodynamics of vehicles entering the earth's atomsphere at high speeds: Lockheed X-17

Tilt wing experimental aircraft that lead to important discoveries about the transition from vertical to horizontal flight: Hiller X-18

Experimental aircraft with tilt rotors that had two propellers driven by a single engine: Curtiss Wright X-19

Predecessor to the space shuttle, a non-flying proof of concept design: Boeing X-20

Test experimental aircraft for wing planforms which increased lift and lessened drag: Northrop X-21

Tilt rotor experimental aircraft testing the concept of ducted fans: Bell X-22

Experimental aircraft designed to test the concept of long distance maneuverability while re-entering the earth's atmosphere: Martin Marietta X-23

Experimental aircraft used to test the concept of the aircraft's fuselage to generate lift, particularly when re-entering the earth's atmosphere: Martin Marietta X-24

Experimental aircraft that was basically a rotor controlled ejection seat designed to allow for increased maneuverability over parachutes for emergency aircraft ejection. It was never built: Benson X-25

Experimental motor glider testing the concepts of use as a trainer before proceeding to high performance jet aircraft: Schweizer X-26

Experimental aircraft, never completed, that was intended to be a test bed for high performance turbojet engines: Lockheed X-27

Experimental aircraft, a single seat seaplane that the U.S. Navy evaluated as a patrol aircraft: Osprey X-28

Unique experimental aircraft: X-29

Concept space vehicle using a single stage to achieve low earth orbit somewhat resembling today's SpaceShip One: Rockwell X-30

Experimental aircraft testing the advantages of jet thrust vectoring: Rockwell X-31

Competitor experimental aircraft in the joint strike fighter program with what was to become the F-35: Boeing X-32

Lifting body design single stage orbital vehicle experimental aircraft: Lockheed X-33

Drone reusable single state launch vehicle experimental aircraft: Orbital Sciences X-34

Experimental aircraft that became the F-35 JSF: Lockheed X-35

Radio control drone 28% scale experimental aircraft used to test the flight characteristics of aircraft without vertical stabilizers and rudders: McDonnell Douglas X-36

Reusable drone experimental aircraft used to test high speed orbital re-entry technologies: Boeing X-37

Experimental aircraft to evaluate its practicality for bringing back crews from orbiting space stations: NASA X-38

Experimental aircraft drone re-entry vehicle test platform for manned reusable re-entry vehicles: Boeing X-40

Fastest successful "air breathing engine" drone experimental aircraft: NASA X-43A Scramjet

Stealthy experimental aircraft without rudders, elevators, or ailerons, to be guided by thrust vectoring, dropped due to lack of funding: Lockheed Martin X-44

Scaled down drone stealthy experimental aircraft to be used for combat missions: Boeing X-45

Stealthy full scale drone attack experimental aircraft for ship-board use by the U.S. Navy: Northrop Grumman X-47

Fastest single engine turboprop experimental aircraft: XA2D Skyshark

First twin engine dedicated ground attack experimental aircraft to be tested flown by the U.S. Army: Curtiss XA-14

Experimental aircraft bomber that was largest U.S. aircraft at the time of its first flight: Douglas XB-19

Experimental aircraft flying wing bomber: Northrop XB-35

Experimental aircraft bomber that combined jet and turboprop power: Boeing XB-47D

One of the largest and fastest experimental aircraft bombers ever to fly: XB-70 Valkyrie

Experimental aircraft transport that was one of the largest airplanes in the world: XC-99

Experimental aircraft that were the first ever U.S.N. pure jets to land on an aircraft carrier: XFD-1 Phantom

Experimental aircraft that was the first ever to take off and land on its tail vertically: XFY Pogo

One of the most unusual-looking experimental aircraft to ever fly: XF5U

Experimental aircraft which used two Mustang fuselages and a new wing to make new fighter aircraft: XF-82

Turboprop experimental aircraft, so loud it was nicknamed "Thunderscreech": Republic XF-84H

Tiny experimental aircraft jet fighter with wings which folded to a five foot length: XF-85 Goblin

Experimental aircraft U.S. jet fighter with it's air intake located on top of the fuselage: XF-107

One of the largest experimental aircraft of its time and the first U.S. six engine experimental strategic bomber: Witteman Lewis XNBL-1

Experimental aircraft that pushed the ultimate limits of piston fighter development: XP-72 Super Thunderbolt

Cargo experimental aircraft that never went into production due to lack of funding: Boeing YC-14

Russian interceptor experimental aircraft that set a 1962 world speed record: Mikoyan Ye-152

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