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    Primary Function:
    Weight Empty:
    Max. Weight:
    Machine Guns:
    Cruise Speed:
    Max. Speed:
    Climb Rate:
    Year Deployed:
dive bomber
Wright R1820-60
1,200 h.p.
6,520 lbs.
10,700 lbs.
2,250 lbs.
4 x .50 cal.
33' 1"
41' 6"
185 mph
255 mph
1,500 fpm
25,500 feet
1,565 miles

The Dauntless, officially the Douglas SBD, was among the most effective U.S. dive bombing aircraft of the Second World War.

By late 1941 the aircraft were the main carrier based bombers of the US Navy.

During the Battle of Midway, in June of 1942, Dauntless aircraft were credited with the sinking of four Japanese aircraft carriers. They also scored numerous hits on or the sinking of other Japanese shipping.

The Dauntless was among the first US Navy aircraft to be equipped with radar and radio navigation.

RC Dauntless from Texas RC Planes.

The Texas RC Planes rc Dauntless has a 100" wingspan and is 80" long. It has a glass fibre fuselage, built up wooden wings, retractable landing gear, and working dive flaps. It can be powered with from 59 cc to 101 cc engines and weighs about 42 lbs.

RC Dauntless from Windrider.

Windrider's rc Dauntless has a wingspan of 42" and is 33" long.  It is a foamy ARF that needs a 1100 kV motor for power. Weight is around 3 lbs.

RC Dauntless from Jerry Bates Plans.

The rc Dauntless, pictured above, built from plans from Jerry Bates, has a wingspan of 85", weighs around 23 lbs. and can be powered by G45 or ST 3250 engines.

Jerry Bates has plans for a rc Dauntless with a 100" wingspan. It weighs around 38 lbs. and needs from 3.7 to 5.2 engines for power.

RC Dauntless from a Skyshark RC kit.

The rc Dauntless from a kit by Skyshark RC has a 55" wingspan and is 44" long. Engines can be from .45 to .61 two stroke or .61 to .91 four stroke. Weight is about 6 lbs. The kit appears to have been discontinued.

RC Dauntless from a Pat's short kit.

The nice looking rc Dauntless built from a short kit by Pat's Custom Models has a wingspan of 30" and is 25" long with a weight of about 10 1/2 oz

Jim Greenly and his rc Dauntless.

Pictured just above is Jim Greenly and his rc Dauntless from enlarged plans by Nick Ziroli.  It has a 10 foot wingspan and weighs around 49 3/4 lbs.

RC Dauntless from ESM.

The rc Dauntless from Ever Soaring Models - ESM has a wingspan of 71" and is 55" long. Power can be from a 1.08 two stroke or 1.20 four stroke engine.  Weight is about 14 lbs.

Scale RC Models has rc Dauntless plans in two sizes. The larger builds to a 96" wingspan and is 71.5" long for 3.7 - 5.2 engines.

Scale RC Models has plans for a smaller rc Dauntless. This one has a 62" wingspan and is 46" long. It takes from .45 to .60 four stroke or .30 to .50 two stroke engines.

The AMA has rc Dauntless plans from Modern Hooycraft Products.  Wingspan is 40" and plan no. is 25703.

Guillows has a kit that has been converted to rc for a 31" wingspan rc Dauntless. Weight is about 11 oz.

Troy Built Models has a rc Dauntless. Its wingspan is 71" and length is 55". You can use a 1.08 two stroke or 1.20 four stroke engine to power it. Weight is around 13 3/4 lbs.

YT International has a rc Dauntless with a 72" wingspan. It weighs about 12 1/2 lbs. and needs a 26 cc gas or 1.20 cid glow engine for power.

Cleveland has plans for the rc Dauntless in wingspans of 15", 20", 30 1/2", 40 1/2", 61", 81" and 122".

Kit Cutters has a rc Dauntless in a kit from SPPS. Its wingspan is 85".

Kit Cutters has two rc Dauntless kits from Jerry Bates Plans. Wingspans of the models are 85" and 100".

Kit Cutters has the rc Dauntless kit made from Nick Ziroli Plans with a wingspan of 100".

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