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Douglas A-20
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A-20G Specifications

        U.S. Dollar Cost:
        Primary Function:
        Weight Empty:
        Max. Weight:
        Machine Guns:
        Cruise Speed:
        Max. Speed:
        Climb Rate:
        First Flight:
        Year Deployed:
light bomber
two or three
Wright R-2600-23
2 x 1,600 hp. ea.
47' 11"
61' 4"
16,000 lbs.
27,200 lbs.
9- .50 cal.
4,000 lbs.
230 mph
340 mph
1,500 fpm
25,800 feet
2,100 miles

Douglas A-20 aircraft were the most extensively built light bombers of World War II.

The origin of the A-20 goes back to 1938 when Douglas submitted a proposal for the aircraft to the Army Air Corps. This was in response to their request for a new twin engine light attack aircraft.

The resulting Douglas A-20 featured a tricycle landing gear for better pilot visibility.  A unique and unusual feature of the aircraft was the ability for the rear gunner to take control of the aircraft from his station in the event the pilot was incapacitated.

Prior to their fall, France used the Douglas A-20 against the advancing German army. The British Royal Air Force began using the aircraft as a night fighter/intruder in 1941. Soon thereafter they saw missions as daylight bombers.

Douglas A20 aircraft flew low level missions over Algeria, Belgium, France, Italy, the Netherlands, and Tunesia. Other aircraft saw action against the German war ships Scharnhorst, Prinz Eugen and Gneisenau.

Early Douglas A-20 aircraft were limited by short range. With the addition of larger fuel tanks and other improvements they gained a reputation as having range, good speed, and maneuverability. They were considered a pilot's favorite.

A total of 7,478 Douglas A-20 aircraft of all types were built, with many going to Britain and the Soviet Union.

Charles Radford and his Douglas A-20.

The picture above is of Charles Radford holding his Douglas A-20. If anyone has further details about the model, we would appreciate hearing from you.

In the first picture below is the Douglas A-20 built by Larry Dudeck. Larry converted his radio control airplane from a DARE free flight, rubber power kit. It has a wing span of 38.5". Larry powers his model two S280 motors swinging 6 x 4 counter rotating propellers. The all up weight is only16 oz.

The next picture is of Bob Isaacks rubber power Douglas A-20 built from Midkiff Plans. These plans are a favorite subject for conversion to a radio control airplane.

Parker Information Resoruces has plans for a Douglas A-20.

The last picture is of the Douglas A-20 sold by Nitro Planes. We do not have any details on this model.

Cleveland Models has a number of plans for Douglas A-20 airplanes from 1/32 scale to 1/4 scale with a 184" wing span.

Douglas A-20 built by Larry Dudeck.

Bob Isaacks rubber powered Douglas A-20.

Nitro Planes Douglas A-20.

If you have built a Douglas A-20, or if you would like to recommend one, please contact us.