Aviation Trivia
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Aerobatic teams, sometimes called dislay teams, were formed in the earliest days of aviation, when pilots were showing off their skills before groups of admirers. It wasn't long before people would pay to see daredevil aerobatics. If a single aircraft turning, diving, and spinning was good, more were better. Soon thereafter, two or more aircraft performed as aerobatic teams.

While many aerobatic teams perform using general aviation aircraft, some with modifications to make them more aerobatic, numerous aerobatic teams perform in specially produced aerobatic aircraft. Training aircraft are also popular performing in aerobatic teams. These aircraft generally have light wing loadings making them easier to throw around the sky, and they are built strong to take the rigors of use by new pilots. They also make excellent aircraft for aerobatic teams.

Jet-powered aircraft in aerobatic teams have become more popular. Many used military aircraft have been purchased by civilians who restore and convert them for aerobatic performance. The Breitling Jet team is privately sponsored and has a total of nine modern jet trainer aircraft used in their aerobatic teams performances.

Perhaps the ultimate in aerobatic teams are the ones using military supersonic fighter jet aircraft. Their performances are usually loud, fast, and full of precision maneuvers.

What you will find listed below are the most popular aerobatic teams, display teams, and flight demonstratin teams from around the world, including the planes they fly, with specifications, their routines, histories, pictures, and their airplane sounds.


Aerobatic Team of Argentina: Cruz del Sur

Royal Australian Air Force Aerobatic Team: RAAF Roulettes

Royal Canadian Aerobatic Team: Snowbirds

Chilian Air Force Aerobatic Team: Halcones

Finnish Air Force Aerobatic Team: Midnight Hawks

France Aerobatic Team: Breitling Jet Team

French Air Force Aerobatic Team:  Patrouille de France

British Army Air Corps Aerobatic Team: Blue Eagles

British Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team: Red Arrows

Italian Aeronautica Militare Aerobatic Team: Frecce Tricolori

Japanese JASDF Aerobatic Team: Blue Impulse

Republic of Korea Air Force Aerobatic Team: Black Eagles

Royal New Zealand Air Force Aerobatic Team: Red Checkers

Russian Air Force Aerobatic Team: Russian Knights

Republic of Singapore Air Force Aerobatic Team: Black Knights

Spanish Air Force Aerobatic Team: Patrulla Aguila

Swiss Air Force Aerobatic Team: Patrouille Suisse

Turkish Air Force Aerobatic Team: Turkish Stars

U.S. Navy Aerobatic Team: Blue Angels

U.S. Air Force Aerobatic Team: