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Citabria Explorer Specifications

    Primary Function:
    Weight Empty:
    Max. Weight:
    Cruise Speed:
    Max. Speed Vne:
    Climb Rate:
    First Flight:
Lycoming 0-320-B2B
160 h.p.
22' 1"
34' 5"
1,250 lbs.
1,800 lbs.
36 U.S. gals.
550 lbs.
128 mph
162 mph
1,130 fpm
15,500 feet
400 miles

The American Champion Aircraft Co. (formerly Belanca) Citabria first flew in 1964. The tandem seat aircraft is still being produced today. It is used for training, general utility, and especially by pilots who want the fun of flying a relatively inexpensive FAA certified aircraft capable of performing light aerobatics at forces of up to +5 or - 2 G's. If you turn the name around, Citabria is airbatic.

A total of over 5,200 Citabria aircraft of all types have been produced to date.

RC Citabria from ParkZone.

The rc Citabria from ParkZone has a wingspan of 16 1/2", a length of 13 1/4" and weight of just 7 oz. Included are a radio, flight battery and charger. It comes in yellow, blue, or red color schemes.

RC Citabria from Dumas.

Dumas makes a rubber powered kit with a 17 1/2" wingspan, for possible conversion to a rc Citabria with an electric motor. Considering that with a wingspan of 17 1/2" it is slightly larger than the ParkZone rc Citabria, you may want to try your hand at converting it to rc.

RC Citabria from SIG Products.

SIG Products has the rc Citabria in a kit. It has a wingspan of 69" and a length of 47". Engines can be from .35 to .52 two cycle or .45 to .61 four cycle. Weight is about 7 lbs.

RC Citabria from Kit Cutters.

Kit Cutters has the rc Citabria from Nexus Plans in a kit. It has a 80" wingspan and is powered by a .60 two stroke engine.

RC Citabria from Lanier.

The rc Citabria from Lanier's wingspan is 64" and length is 44 1/2". Construction is balsa and ply. Power is from a .40 two cycle or larger engine.

RC Citabria from Marcus Model Factory.

We received the following email from Marcus Kellermann of Marcus Model Factory: "Enclosed is a picture of the rc Citabria, built by me, Marcus Kellermann. It is the prototype of my 30% scale rc Citabria kit from the Marcus Model Factory.   It has a 120" wingspan and uses 50 cc power."

Thank you, Marcus. That is a great looking rc Citabria.

NitroPlanes has a rc Citabria with a wingspan of 42".

Balsa USA has the rc Citabria in a kit. It has a 80" wingspan, a length of 54.5" and is made from balsa and ply. It uses .90 to 1.20 four cycle or .60 to .90 two cycle engines and weighs around 11.25 lbs.

Midwest has the rc Citabria. Its wingspan is .81".  You will need .60 to .89 engines to power it.

MS Composites has a rc Citabria made from EPP foam. Wingspan is 38 1/2" and length is 32".

CMP has a rc Citabria with a wingspan of 106", and a length of 65". It needs 50 cc size gas engines for power.

The Bud Nosen rc Citabria comes in a kit. It has a wingspan of 105" for 1.10 2C or larger engines.

Bud Nosen has a smaller rc Citabria in a kit with a 65" wingspan. It weighs around 4 lbs. and used from .19 to .40 2C engines.

Chigift Electronics has a rc Citabria. It has a 38 1/2" wingspan with a 34" length and weighs around 20 oz.  Included is a Speed 290 motor.

Chinghai Penghang Toys has a rc Citabria foamy airplane.

Cyclone Technology has a rc Citabria. Length and wingspan are both 37". Weight is about 15 oz.  Power comes from a geared Speed 370 motor.

Shenzhen Great Bo-King has a rc Citabria as either a kit, ARF, or RTF. Wingspan is 41 1/2" and length is 38 1/2".

Sunny Easy Technology has a ready to fly rc Citabria with a 31 1/2" wingspan and a length of 24 1/2" for two channel control.

Shantou Maya Toys has a rc Citabria that comes ready to fly.

Whilington Technology has a rc Citabria. It has a wingspan of 38 1/2" and is 34" long with a weight of about 20 oz. A BM 480 brushless motor powers it.

ACX Technology has the rc Citabria that comes as RTF

Starwei Aero Model Manufacturing's rc Citabria is made from balsawood and plywood with a wingspan of 41" and a length of 30". You will need from .15 to .25 2C engines or the equivalent electric motor. Weight is about 1 1/2 lbs.

The Aero Airplane Factory's rc Citabria wingspan is 41" and weight is about 23 oz. Recommended power is a .15 two stroke or Speed 400 type motor.

Teens Technology rc Citabria is a foamy with a 51" wingspan and a 49" length. Included is a Speed 540 geared motor. Weight is about 2 3/4 lbs.

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