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Boeing B - 1 Bomber
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    Primary Function:
    US$ Cost
    Weight Empty:
    Max. Weight:
    Wingspan Swept:
    Cruise Speed:
    Max. Speed:
    Climb Rate:
    First Flight:
    Year Deployed:
$283.1 million
GE F-1010GE-102
4 x 30,780 lbs. ea.
192,000 lbs.
477,000 lbs.
145' 11"
137' 1"
79' 1"
645 mph
900 mph
11,800 fpm
60,000 feet
3,450 miles

The Boeing B - 1 bomber is the fastest heavy strategic bomber of the U.S. bomber fleet. It was first intended to replace existing high speed, low level heavy bombers.

The original project was canceled due to high costs. However, the project was later resurrected. Development of the aircraft continued and improvements were made to it. Eventually the Series B took to the air on Oct. 18, 1984.

The Boeing B - 1 bomber completed a round the world trip in a total of about 47 hours in 1993. In addition, it holds 43 world records for speed, payload, range and time to climb.

The supersonic bomber can employ shorter runways, fly lower and faster, has double the ordnance capacity, and produces a lower radar signature than larger aircraft. However, the aircraft does consume more fuel while operating at supersonic speeds.

The aircraft were employed in the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq, operating out of bases in Guam.

Continuing upgrades include more effective radar, advanced communications systems, and reliability modifications. It is anticipated that upgraded aircraft will remain deployed with the United States Air Force through the year 2025.

Originally a total of 100 Boeing B - 1 bomber bombers were deployed. To date 65 are still flying. The others were put in storage as a cost savings measure.

RC B - 1 Bomber

Flexserve from RC Groups wrote to tell us that plans for his rc B - 1 Bomber made from Depron can be found at: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showpost.php?p=19557889&postcount=132, Thank you for sharing, Flexserve.

Pictured above and immediately below is the rc B - 1 Bomber built by J. Morgan from the Horizon Hobbies Forum. It is built from foam. Power comes from two Mega 16/7/5 motors. The wing span is 46". J. Morgan reports that it flys like a trainer at 70 MPH.

The next two pictures are of the rc  B - 1 bomber scratch built by Jarro Hanneman of RC Groups. It has a wing span of 53" with a length of 48". Power comes from two Hi Max motors driving 4.75 x 4.75 pusher props.

We received the following email from Jarro Hanneman ([email protected]):

"There are some better photos of my rc B - 1  bomber in rc groups. RC airplane kits are ready to sell. Just low on cash right now to make more. They also come with 2 sets of bomb bay doors and working wings. Maybe you'll know where I can find a sponsor. Have a look at you tube under b1bman about 7 videos look for rc  B - 1 Lancer #2 and bomb drop. The rc B - 1 bomber #2 went in do to a bad voltage regulator. B - 1 bomber #3 is almost done. Give me some time I'll send you some good stuff as soon as rc B - 1 bomber #3 is done. I am trying to set up website so if we can update it later that works. I have changed company name to ALL CARBON FIBER CREATIONS."

At RC Groups turbonut posted a video showing a giant scale rc B - 1 bomber with a w/s of 17 feet powered by Jetcat P-180 turbines. A picture from the video is last on this page.

We haven't seen any other rc B - 1 bomber kits, plans, or ARF's for sale on the market to date. A rc Boeing B-1 would appear to make a good flying airplane, especially with its wings extended. A rc slope soarer would make an interesting project. If you have built a rc B - 1 bomber or know of one that should be on this page, please email us with the details, so we can tell everyone about it.

RC B - 1 Bomber built by J. Morgan.

RC B - 1  Bomber in flight.

Jarro Hanneman and his rc B - 1 Bomber.

RC B - 1 Bomber from RC Groups video.