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RC Bell 222
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Bell 222A Specifications

    Primary Function:
    Rotor Diameter:
    Weight Empty:
    Max. Weight:
    Cruise Speed:
    Max. Speed:
    Initial Climb:
    First Flight:
    Year Deployed:
one or two
2 x 620 h.p. ea.
42' 2"
11' 8"
40' 0"
4,850 lbs.
7,832 lbs.
132 mph
155 mph
1,300 fpm
12,800 feet
370 miles

The 450 size fuselage rc Bell 222 from XHeli.

The XHeli rc Bell 222 fuselage kit is 26" long and made from fiberglass.

RC Bell 222 from XHeli.

The rc Bell 222 by XHeli by is 16" long, 7" high, has two 130 type motors, and has a rotor diameter of 13 1/2". Included are a radio, gyro, flight battery, and charger. It is available in red or blue color schemes.

RC Bell 222 features include:
Four channel radio control.
Co axial stability.
No tail rotor needed to counter torque.
Rock steady flight and hover.
Included gyroscope.
Great looks.
Ready to fly in minutes.
Can be flown indoors or in light outdoor breezes.
Extended flights.
Tough rotor blades.
Nothing extra to buy.

A rc Bell 222 from Century Helicopter.

The Century Helicopter rc Bell 222. It is available in both 30 and 50 sizes. Both sizes have fiberglass fuselages and are are sold as fuselage kits or as ARF's.

The Century Helicopters .30 size fuselage rc Bell 222 has a length of 46 1/2" with a rotor of 47" and weighs 7 1/2 lbs.

The Century Helicopters .50 size fuselage rc Bell 222 helicopter has a length of 53", a 49 1/2" rotor and weighs 8 1/2 lbs.

A rc Bell 222 from Heli Hobby.

The Heli Hobby rc Bell 222 helicopter body kit is made from plastic and has a two piece body and two piece tail cover. It is made to fit T-Rex, Zoom, Shogun and similar sizes.

The 450 size rc Bell 222 from Darth.

Darth's Heli Bodies fuselage for the rc Bell 222 is made from styrene for LMH, Micro K2 and Axe CP.

A Vario rc Bell 222.

The Vario fuselage of the rc Bell 222 fits Sky Fox mechanics and uses a 59" rotor. The ten piece kit builds to a fuselage that is 58" long and 17" wide.

Fun-key rc Bell 222.

Fun-key's fuselage for the rc Bell 222 uses .20 to .39 mechanics. It is 46 1/2" long and 9" high. Rotor diameter is 44".  A larger fuselage for the rc Bell 222 uses .50 size mechanics. It is 53" long, 10 1/2" high and uses 47" diameter rotors.

Skyhunter Hobby rc Bell 222.

The Skyhunter Hobby fuselage for the rc Bell 222 uses .30 to .46 mechanics. It is 1/10 scale with a 46 1/2" length and a 14 1/2" width.  They also have a fuselage for the rc Bell 222 for a .60 to .90 size mechanics. It has a 56" length with a 17 3/4" width.

RC Bell 222 from Hirobo.

Hirobo's fuselage for the rc Bell 222 comes in a .50 size. It has retractable L/G. Length is 50 3/4", width is 18 1/2" and height is 16". Weight is around 42 oz.

Hirobo also has a rc Bell 222 with XRB mechanics that 14" long, 6" high, and has a 14" rotor. Motor is a 180 geared 9.857:1. Weight is about 7 oz. Included is a flight battery and a charger.

Silverlit rc Bell 222.

The rc Bell 222 from Silverlit comes ready to fly with three channel control. It is 6 1/2" long with a 5 3/4" diameter rotor.

Modelltechnik rc Bell 222.

Modelltechnik has two versions of the rc Bell 222, one with skids and one with retractable landing gear. Length is 41", and height 11 1/2". A Hacker B50-195 motor powers the 4 3/4 lb. model.

The Ikarus fuselage for the rc Bell 222 is made to fit Piccolo helicopters and has retracts. Fusuno's rc Bell 222 fuselage is made from glass fiber and made for T-Rex 450. It measures 27" long, 5 1/2" high, and comes with retracts.

For those of you who like the larger rc Bell 222, Heli Hobby has a .60 size fuselage for sale. Its dimensions are 56" long, 18" high, and 11" wide. All up weight is around 12 lbs. For your 450 size mechanics rc Bell 222, Darth has a fuselage for sale made from lexan plastic.

Banana Hobby's rc Bell 222 comes as a RTF. Its fuselage is fiberglass and is 33" long, 4 1/2" wide, with a weight of around 29 oz. A brushless motor turns the 29" diameter rotor.  The RC World Bell 222 rc helicopter fuselage fits 400 and 450 size mechanics. It includes retractable l/g, is 27" long and 6" high.

X-Wind's rc Bell 222 comes ready to fly. It has co-axial 13" rotors and weighs around 8 oz. and Tianlong Toy Factory's three channel rc Bell 222 has co-axial 9 1/2" rotors. The rc Bell 222 is easy enough for a beginner to learn to fly, but has all the zip and maneuverability that will make it a favorite for experienced rc helicopter pilots. It provides rock steady flight indoors, or even in moderate outdoor breezes.

High Fly Toys, China's three channel rc Bell 222 is also co-axial powered with 12" diameter rotors. The electric powered rc Bell 222 is also easier for beginners to learn to fly. Electric motors provide smooth throttle response, yet plenty of power.

We found some posts about a Old Heim fuselage for the rc Bell 222 that can sometimes be found for sale on eBay. It has a length of 57", is 8 1/2" wide, and can use 55" diameter rotors with its .60 to .90 engines.

Syma's micro rc Bell 222 has co-axial rotors and three channel radio control. Length is just about 7" and Colco's four channel Bell 222 rc helicopter comes with 13" rotors and has a 16" length.

The rc Bell 222 co axial rotor system eliminates the need for a tail rotor. The main blades turn in opposite directions to provide equal torque in all directions for easy hovering. To turn, one set of blades moves faster while the other blades slow down.

Esky sells a rc Bell 222. Its rotor has a diameter of 29". Included is a 3800 kv motor, radio, batteries, and charger.

Airstar International has the rc Bell 222 as a fuselage kit or ready to fly.  It is 60" long, 17" wide, 11" high, and fits .60 mechanics.

Allen Arning's rc Bell 222 is a scale model with a length of 57" and .60 power and Sammy Techer built a rc Bell 222 with a length of 51", a width of 19", and a .61 engine.  Hal Fischer purchased a smaller version of the rc Bell 222 helicopter. It has a 28" length and is powered by 450 mechanics while Ed Matlet flys a 15" length rc Bell 222. It is powered by a geared 300 size brushless motor.

Christopher Allen's rc Bell 222 is 47" long with a .30 engine for power and Vick Boron's rc Bell 222 is 55" long with 48" rotors and a .60 engine.  Tom Flinoskino's rc Bell 222 is 57" long, 11" wide and powered by a OS .55 heli engine and Bob Dobrowolsky put together a rc Bell 222 that is 34" long and has 30" diameter rotors.  Gary Wendell constructed a larger rc Bell 222 with a 60" length and 59" rotor.

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