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B-17 For Sale
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    Primary Function:
    Weight Empty:
    Max. Weight:
    Machine Guns:
    Cruise Speed:
    Max. Speed:
    Climb Rate:
    Year Deployed:
heavy bomber
Wright R1820
4- R 1,200 hp. ea.
38,000 lbs.
72,000 lbs.
6,000 lbs.
13- .50 cal.
74' 4"
103' 10"
170 mph
290 mph
540 fpm
35,600 feet
1,850 miles

A B-17 for sale by Boeing first flew on July 17, 1935. The aircraft went into service in mid 1938. On December 7, 1941, the entry date of the United States into World War II, few of the aircraft were in service. Production was then accelerated and by the time the last B-17 for sale rolled off the assembly line in May of 1945, over 12,700 had been built.

B-17 For Sale from NitroPlanes.

The B-17 for sale from NitroPlanes has a wingspan of 65", is 47" long and weighs around 4 1/2 lbs. You can power it with four brushless 400 size motors.

B-17 For Sale by Jan Hermkens.

The scratch built B-17 for sale by Jan Hermkens has a 158" wingspan and is powered by Laser 0.70 four stroke engines. Jan's new home page showing the B-17 is www.janhermkens.nl.

B-17 For Sale from American Eagle Plans.

The B-17 for sale from American Eagle Plans by Brian Gafford. It has a 123" wingspan and is powered by Saito .65's.

Matt Miller and his B-17 For Sale.

Matt Miller scratch built the B-17 for sale shown above.  It has an 18 ft. wingspan, weighs around 100 lbs., and is powered by G-38's.

Mat Miller's B-17 For Sale shown in flight.

B-17 For Sale by Roger Layton.

The scratch built B-17 for sale shown above has a 13' wingspan and is powered by Saito 1.50 engines. It was built by Roger Layton and is flown by Paul Gruber.

B-17 For Sale by HobbyKing.

That's Pilot 4947 from RCGroups holding his B-17 for sale by HobbyKing.  The ARF has a wingspan of 63" and length of 43". Power comes from included 1600 kV motors and weight is around 4 3/4 lbs.

B-17 For Sale - Airplane Girl.

ASM - Advanced Scale Models B-17 for sale is ARF made from balsawood and plywood. It has a 10 foot wingspan and a 7 foot 3 inch length. Power can come from .35 to .40 two cycle, .52 four cycle engines, or the equivalent electric motors. Weight is around 32 lbs.

American Eagle Plans B-17 for sale has a 123" wingspan. Recommended power comes from Saito .72 four strokes.

ATI has a B-17 for sale that has a 103" wingspan. Recommended power is from Webra .32's or their equivalent.

Don Smith Plans B-17 for sale has a 138" wingspan.  It is powered with .91 engines.

Madden Model Products has a 138" wingspan B-17 for sale. It is a kit with recommended power by Saito .91's.

You can find the B-17 for sale from Bob Holman Plans. It is 1/10 scale, weighs around 44 lbs. ready to fly, with recommended power as .61's.

Aerotech's B-17 for sale has a 8' 7" wingspan. We have seen the kit converted to electric power using Mega 600/20/8 motors.

Henrik Klagges wrote to tell us about a B-17 for sale from PWRC in Hong Kong. Wingspan can be either 78" or 81". The airplane is 63" long and weighs about 12 lbs. It requires electric motor power.

EC Trade has a B-17 for sale with a 78" wingspan that is 55" long and weighs around 9 1/4 lbs.

Luoyang Iceage B-17 for sale has a wingspan of 65".

Yongkang's B-17 for sale has a 5.41 foot wingspan.

Senye also has a 65" wingspan B-17 for sale.

Shin Zhen Hobby-Win has a B-17 for sale that has a 65" wingspan.

Amax has a B-17 for sale that is a foamy with a 28" wingspan.

The HK (Shenzhen) Industries B-17 for sale comes as almost ready to fly.

Brian Rowley has a B-17 for sale. Its wingspan is 216" and weight is about 98 lbs. Power comes from G38 engines.

Bill Holdaway's B-17 for sale has a wingspan of 140" and weighs about 57 lbs. Construction is all wood. Saito .91 engines provide the motivation.

Dale Sellers B-17 for sale has a 103" wingspan, is powered by O.S. 25 engines, and weighs in at around 20 lbs.

Bob Handies built a B-17 for sale with a wingspan of 105" and a length of 77". It uses Webra .32 engines to power its approximately 26 lb. weight.

Ben Dabbles scratch built a B-17, for sale that has a wingspan of 126". Ben's airplane uses Saito .65 engine power and weighs about 43 lbs.

The B-17 for sale of Charles Cleese has a 140" wingspan. Construction is all fiberglass and the inside has scale details. Power comes from RCV .90 engines.

Michael Hannon built a B-17 for sale. Its wingspan is 104" and weight is about 20 lbs. Mega 600/2018 motors provide power for the airplane.

Daniel Radford's B-17 for sale has a wingspan of 120", is powered by Saito .72 four cycle engines and weighs about 50 lbs.

Hank Jamerson's B-17 for sale has a 160" wingspan. Four Laser .70 four stroke engines pull the approximately 55 lb. airplane through the air.

We would appreciate you emailing us if you know of any other B-17 for sale.